A Comprehensive Introduction to Bipods – What to Look For

Accuracy is everything when it comes to hunting. Not only do you need to ensure that you can hit the animal at a long distance, should the shot require it, but you always want to get an organ hit to give the animal a clean and quick death. To achieve both of those things you need to stay as steady as possible because any movement magnifies at a distance. Even a movement of a millimeter at the [...]

A Beginner’s Guide to Hunting Binoculars

Binoculars are an underrated and underutilized part of the hunter's arsenal. Any successful hunter knows that being able to spot the animals that you’re hunting for, track their movements and stalk them without being undetected is vital to getting the kill. Even for those who hunt exclusively from blinds, having a pair of binoculars to grab and look out into the woods is critical to spotting prey that you would otherwise miss. While seeing a large buck [...]

How to Properly and Effectively Insulate Hunting Blinds

If you’re hunting all year round for different animals, then you’ll care as much about the temperature in the blind as the number of sounds that the animals can hear. Although you can buy pre-insulated blinds, it’s not difficult to insulate them yourself, and it can often be far cheaper, especially if you want to be able to remove it in warmer months. Insulating smaller blinds can be tough because the material often takes up a decent [...]

5 Tips to Maximize the Performance of Your Hunting Blinds

Hunting blinds can be incredibly helpful, especially when you’re hunting an animal like a deer which has an outstanding sense of sight and smell, allowing it to spot you in the bushes. Unless you are an advanced hunter, using a blind is going to give you a huge advantage which will increase the number of shots you can take and the kills you get per season. But having a blind isn’t enough to guarantee meat for your [...]

The Deer Tagging Process Explained

Wildlife populations in the United States are very carefully managed, and hunting is a part of that ecosystem that keeps the populations in check. Non-hunters often believe that shooting is causing populations to decrease, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. Hunting is managed precisely to ensure that only a sustainable number of deer are harvested each year. Plus, the money from hunting goes back into ensuring that not only the deer population but other wildlife [...]

5 Tips for Storing Your Hunting Rifles During Off-Seasons

Storing your rifles isn’t the most interesting topic, neither is it one that’s going to excite anybody. Putting away your weapons at the end of the season is the most depressing day of any hunters season, and for this reason, most people put little to no effort into it. But failing to prepare for the off-season is going to cost you in both time and money next season. Storing your weapons poorly will warp them, cause rust and [...]

Hunting Strategies You Should Be Incorporating Into Your Routine Now

Hunting is often thought of as a relatively macho activity, but in reality, it’s a strategic battle between predator and prey that needs intense patience and skill. Heading out into the woods armed with a bow or gun is going to be fruitless unless you know what you’re doing, where to hunt and what to look for. The strategy is, in many cases, up to 90% of whether you succeed or not. Taking the shot and killing [...]

Hunting Blind Construction

What Makes the Construction of Hunting Blinds So Vital? When it comes to deer season, the most celebrated hunters start prepping early to ensure success. If you want to be one of the most successful huntsmen this coming season, make sure you give extra thought to the type of blind you will be using. Start with a focus on blind construction, and you will be one step closer to triumph. 1. Frame [...]

Difference Between Permanent and Portable Hunting Blinds

When you choose to set up a blind for your next hunt, it is imperative to know all of your choices, and there are many.  The following list will help you to understand the difference between portable and permanent blinds better.  Hopefully, this will help you to narrow down the essential things you will require for your hunting style. Location and Climate The first thing you will need to consider is where your [...]

What are the Most Common Types of Hunting Blinds?

When it comes to hunting blinds, there are several to options depending on what you are hunting and how quickly you want to get set up.  Hunting blinds provide you with protection from the elements and give an advantage of hunting at ground level while blending in with the environment around you.  Being concealed from your target will help ensure the best chance of landing your target animal. Take into consideration what you will be hunting, where [...]

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After searching for months, I finally decided on 2 6x6 Ambush Stalker blinds which are made right here in the USA. The customer service from Ambush was top notch. Every time I called Ambush, one of the owners answered the phone and spent time talking to me about their blinds. I really preferred the new window design and the black out window covers, which were not on either of my blinds at the time of purchase. Ray at Ambush drove over 3+ hours one way to my property and replaced them for me. Who does that? You wont find better service anywhere!
Randy Gothrup