Hunting Blind

Hunting Blind

Not everyone can be in the woods as much as they desire, so the time you do have is valuable! So, why not use a hunting blind to maximize that time? When you are using a blind, there’s no messing with the safety harness of a tree stand. No more fumbling with packing climbers into the woods! You don’t even have to spray yourself down with scent eliminating spray, or camouflage yourself.

At Ambush we understand that when you’re hunting time is short, every second counts. A hunting blind can maximize your time for an enjoyable hunt!

Scent & Concealment

Still needing to plan your exit and entry routes, using a blind reduces the chance that you’ll be seen! With interior made to dampen noise, you have never had more freedom to move around. The windows on our blinds open quietly when it’s time to make a move. On top of this, the window seal tightly to keep your scent within the blind!


One thing that will always be unpredictable is the weather, so why not prepare yourself? With a hunting blind, you protect yourself from weather that turns nasty in the blink of an eye. This is what inspires us to craft a hunting blind that is comfortable enough to hunt all day. Devoted hunters know that when certain time frames prohibit hunting, you must utilize whatever time you can get! So even when Mother Nature is less than welcoming, the show must go on. Regardless of sleet, snow, or rain, our hunting blind will resist the elements. We want to be sure that you may hunt to your satisfaction!

Hiding in a Hunting Blind

When you hunt to your heart’s desire, you know how important it is to camouflage yourself from the animals! Traditionally, you can hide in thick foliage or bushes. So, what’s the problem with this? You still must hide your scent! With our hunting blind, concealing you scent, body, and any noise that can reveal you has never been easier. When you are hunting deer, you generally find yourself in an open area, making it slightly harder to conceal yourself! Well, why limit your range? With our blinds, you have a practically 360-degree range for visibility that further opens up the terrain. This allows you to have better angles, for a higher rate of success!

Ambush strives to provide high-quality products to last you a lifetime. When it comes to increasing your chances of staying hidden, our hunting blind does it best.