Hunting Blinds by Ambush Outdoors

Hunting Blind

Our deer hunting blinds are designed and built to last. Our unique Durabond Panel System™ is second to none in strength, durability, insulation and stealth. Because of this unique system, our blinds provide a strong, quiet, warm, scent contained blind.

Sight, Sound & Scent

Game animals use all their senses to detect the most cautious hunter. Ambush Outdoors exceptional blind design hides a hunter’s movements.  In addition, it hides sounds and scent from the most cautious game. Our blinds use a commercial grade fabric that completely covers the interior of the blind. As a result, it eliminates light that can reflect or reveal what’s inside.

When insulating our blinds, we choose to use EPS styrofoam insulation. This type of insulation allows for the greatest r-factor. This factor helps keep you warm.  And, the acoustical factor will help noise stay within the blind.

With our unique, five-layer Durabond Panel System™ we provide a sound barrier that is unequaled in the hunting blind industry. The wall joints are made of extruded aluminum and are sealed from behind.  This further eliminates sound. Finally, a rubberized floor makes Ambush Hunting Blinds the most durable and quietest blinds on the market.

Ambush Hunting Blinds also have a superior design for the windows.  We use silent window hinges and real glass. The value of silent hinges and real glass becomes very apparent as a hunting blind ages.

Longevity in Hunting Blinds

Our deer hunting blinds are virtually maintenance free! They can be easily cleaned thanks to the fiberglass exterior, rubber roof and acrylic windows. All of our window and door openings use an automotive type weather seal. This seal remains flexible in even the coldest weather, helping our windows to always remain silent when opening or closing. When all the doors and windows are closed and properly latched, the blind is virtually impenetrable by insects and rodents.