Ice Fishing Houses

If you are looking to take up ice fishing, Ambush ice fishing houses are the answer to everything you need! Sure, taking in the great outdoors while posting up on a sheet of ice with your buddies sounds perfect, but we can take it to the next level. Investing in ice fishing houses is a one-of-a-kind way to enhance your fishing trips. Lightweight enough to be wheeled onto the ice, Ambush ice fishing houses can provide your next fishing trip with numerous benefits.

With two unique ice fishing houses to choose from, Ambush provides reliability time and time again!

The Slayer

A one-of-a-kind skid, the Slayer Ice House is sure to impress. Featuring five holes for fishing, and one hole for your spear, there is plenty of room for the perfect catch. With an aluminum frame that is built without seams or wood, there is no chance for water and other elements to seep in. Our structure is incredibly sturdy as it is built with a single piece welded design. Because a clean look is just as important when it comes to our ice fishing houses, we didn’t forget about it! The Slayer boasts a gel coat exterior finish with fiberglass on both the exterior and interior. A slip-resistant floor and a dura bond panel system for extra strength makes for a winning design. Allowing you to get after it earlier in the season, the 6½’ x 10’ layout is quicker and easier to move than ever.

The Stryker

Are you in need of ice fishing houses that can move to new locations and boast an effortless set up? The Stryker Ice House Skid is the one for you! With a strong framework and skis, you can pull this ice house from either direction, maximizing convenience and versatility. Taking you places in deeper snow that a wheelhouse couldn’t even dream of, The Stryker is built tough for all circumstances. Three holes for ice fishing and four windows make this 5.5’ X 7’ layout unique and full of character. Built without seams or wood, the fiberglass exterior and interior boast durability with its gel coat finish and tough welding. Coming in at a weight of only 570 pounds, the Stryker is a one-of-a-kind ice house that can get you out on the ice earlier in the season.

So, why should you invest in ice houses? Ambush is here to tell you exactly why – you don’t want to miss out on reaping the benefits that an ice house will provide you!

Ice Fishing Houses – the perfect shelter!

Even on the coldest of winter days, ice fishing offers breathtaking scenery that you don’t want to miss. What if a storm suddenly rolls in undetected? If a blizzard decides to move in or the temperature drops too low, ice houses provide you with shelter. While waiting for the weather to finally break, you will be protecting yourself from the elements. No more allowing mother nature to cut your fishing trip short!

A Periodic Break with Ice Fishing Houses

Although having quick and convenient shelter is nice, ice houses are even beneficial in perfect weather! Having a place to take a break during your trip Is more useful than you’d think. Taking place in a chilly environment, the cold will eventually reach you no matter how well you are dressed. Having an ice house at your reach makes taking a break easy! Whether you want to wrap up in blankets or grab some coffee, you’ll be ready for a second round sooner than you think. If you are looking to be on the ice for an entire day without having to fight the cold, ice fishing houses are a necessity.

Stock Up

If you are wanting to store anything from equipment to snacks on your trip, ice fishing houses are exactly what you need. With the critical lightweight nature of an ice house, you still don’t want to overload it! Many ice houses come with shelving, hangers, storage compartments, and more for simple access to everything you need. No more having to run back and forth from your vehicle!

Ambush makes it a goal to create ice fishing houses that withstand the toughest conditions. Take a look at our options today!