Ice Houses

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Premium Built-to-Last Ice Houses

Have you been searching for premium ice houses for those chilly ice fishing trips? Well, look no further! The Slayer & Stryker from Ambush is certainly the answer to all of your ice fishing needs.

The Slayer & The Stryker

A one-of-a-kind ice house, The Slayer & Stryker Ice House Skid, conveniently provides one spear hole along with five fishing holes. Leaving no possibility for water to seep in, The Slayer nor the Stryker have no wood or seams. For a clean and unblemished appearance in mind, The Slayer features a fiberglass interior and a gel coat exterior. So, it looks great inside and out! Not only are our ice houses easier to move, you can be out on the lake earlier in the season.


Looking for more in-depth details about The Slayer? No problem! Being a 6 1/2’ x 10’ ice house skid, our units stand without wood to stray away from problems that arise from rotting wood. Built seamlessly, water leakage is a thing of the past because there is no seam to pull apart. A skid house is a lighter option! Far less weight means that you can safely be on the ice significantly earlier in the ice fishing season. With a floor that is resistant to slipping due to a durabond system of paneling, there is extra strength in The Slayer. As a result, Ambush has created one of the most reliable fishing houses on the market.

Ice Houses vs. Mother Nature

Just because there isn’t sun doesn’t mean you can’t make an appearance to fish! So, regardless of the weather, ice houses ensure that you can ice fish in comfort. You may venture onto the ice when the weather is great, but when mother nature takes a nasty turn, you can seek shelter in ice houses. This means that you can enjoy ice fishing no matter what the weather forecast! Although most would prefer to go fishing on a clear, beautiful day, that isn’t always possible. Well, with an Ambush fishing house it is! In other words, nothing can stop you when you invest in an ice fishing blind from Ambush. So, what are you waiting for?

At Ambush, we strive to provide you with limitless days of ice fishing. In conclusion, never waste time again with one of The Slayer & Stryker Ice Houses!