Skid Houses

Ambush Skid houses are the most comfortable skid houses on the market! Made of a welded aluminum frame, Ambush’s skid house design contains no wood. This means your Ambush skid house won’t rust, leak, or rot! Ambush skid houses have a fiberglass interior and a gel coat exterior.

  • Struker Darkhouse Spearhouse

    Stryker Darkhouse – Ice Fishing Spear House

  • Slammer

    The Ambush Slammer Skid House

  • Ice House Slayer

    The Ambush Slayer Skid House

  • Ambush Stryker Ice House angle  FL

    The Ambush Stryker Skid House

  • Sale! Used Slayer 1565

    Used Slayer (6H-P) – 1565

  • Sale! Used Slayer Spearhouse 3131

    Used Slayer Spearhouse (5 hole) – 3131

  • Sale! Used Stryker 3104

    Used Stryker 3-hole – 3104

  • Sale! Used Used Stryker_3107

    Used Stryker 5-hole – 3107

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