Different Ways to Transport a Skid House

One of the most common questions we hear is, how do I transport a skid house? Having no wheels can seem overwhelming and inconvenient, but we promise it is not! There are multiple options you can choose from when transporting a skid house to the ice and on the ice. We have even designed products to make it easier! Let’s check out the best ways to transport a skid house.

Ways to Transport a Skid House to the Ice:

Ways to Transport a Skid HouseTrailer

The first option of transporting a skid house to ice is by trailer. Skid houses are easy to unload and load, even by yourself. Check out this video of Tim loading an Ambush skid house by himself. Also, having a winch on your trailer, UTV, or ATV is helpful. Ambush Skid Houses can be towed from either direction, so they can be pulled onto the trailer in either direction. It is impossible to have your Ambush Skid House on the trailer backward, although it is wise to have the door on the driver’s side so it is not suicide if the door accidentally opens. We recommend loading the skid house at the front of the trailer and following it with your UTV or ATV. This makes unloading quick because you can drive it right off.


If you live where there is enough snow or are close enough to the ice, you can transport your skid house by pulling it to the ice with an off-road vehicle like those listed below.

Ways to Transport a Skid House on the Ice:

Ways to Transport a Skid HouseSnowmobile

Skid houses can be transported on the ice by snowmobile. The track on the snowmobile is helpful in deep and slushy snow, where machines with tires could get stuck. Transporting your skid house by snowmobile in the middle of winter can be cold. Make sure you have the proper safety gear and clothing to keep you warm!

Ways to Transport a Skid HouseUTV/ATV

Transporting a skid house on the ice by UTV or ATV is most common. Moving your skid house with either of these options is easy. Just hook up the tow bar to your hitch and go. If your UTV or ATV is equipped with tracks, check out our hitch extender that moves the ATV/UTV further away from the skid house tow bar. It extends the distance between the machine and the skid house to lessen the amount of rubbing that takes place on the tires or tracks during tight turns. Also, if you have a heated cab, the ride is extra enjoyable!

Now you are ready to head to the lake with your skid house!

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Ways to Transport a Skid House
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