Why You Need an Insulated Fishing Shelter

As fun as ice fishing is, it can sometimes be tough when it comes to the cold and the weather. Why we will all gladly sit through the worst conditions imaginable in order to catch that next big fish, a quality insulated fishing shelter can be a game-changer. And what’s better than a regular ice fishing shelter? How about one that is insulated in order to keep you warm and comfortable no matter what!

Downfalls of a Wooden Ice House

Basic ice fishing shelters are usually constructed of wood, which presents plenty of problems. First, wood is prone to breaking, warping, and wearing out very quickly, especially around a lot of moisture. Second, it does a very poor job of insulating. This means that no matter how hard you try, sometimes it can just be impossible to get the shelter to stay warm. Between the unreliable properties of wood and its poor ability to keep you dry and warm, it is no wonder many anglers experience many challenges with their wooden ice fishing shelters.

Advantages of an Ambush Fishing Shelter

So how do you solve these problems? You get yourself an insulated fishing shelter like the Slayer or Stryker ice fishing houses from Ambush. Constructed of an aluminum frame and skids, Ambush shelters are made to be the most durable ice fishing houses in the world. This gives them incredible strength and mobility, all while avoiding the problems of wood. In fact, Ambush uses no wood with these shelters. Instead, you get lightweight, durable, and stylish aluminum and fiberglass to protect you and your gear.


If you want the best of the best, steer clear of any wooden fishing shelters. Pick up an Ambush ice house to keep you warm, comfortable, and dry while focusing on what really matters: fishing! Read our guide to ice houses!

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