The Advantages of a Darkhouse Spearing Skid House

Spearfishing in a darkhouse is an activity many enjoy in the cold winter months. Having the proper equipment is a huge part of having success in spearfishing. Some spearfisherman choose to use pop-up or permanent shelters but they have their flaws. The Ambush Stryker Darkhouse Ice Fishing Spear House is the best option if you want to have success spearfishing.

Large Spearing Opening

The Ambush Darkhouse gives spearfisherman an advantage with its large spearing opening. The spearing opening measures 30″’ X 48″. This large opening gives you plenty of room to jig decoys/ baits and spear the fish. Also, with the larger opening, you have a better opportunity to get a successful spear. This is because more of the target fish is visible.

Skid House Frame

The second advantage to an Ambush Darkhouse Skid House is that it sits on the time proven Ambush skid house frame. The skid house is a lighter and portable option compared to other darkhouses. The lighter your darkhouse is, the sooner it is safe to get on the ice. Also, when others are taking their heavy permanent darkhouses off the ice for the season, you will be able to stay out because of the lightweight skid house frame. The darkhouse features all-aluminum skids, no wood, and a platform that pull easily across the ice and deep snow.  And just like the other Ambush skid houses, all of the skid house accessories work in the Stryker Darkhouse.

Darkhouse Darkness  

Finally, the last advantage to an Ambush Darkhouse Skid House is how dark it gets. Once you close the door, the skid house transforms into the perfect darkhouse. All of the light in the darkhouse comes up from the spearing hole, exactly as desired. The darkness gives you a better view of the water and conceals movement that will scare fish.

If you are interested in a Darkhouse Skid House, find a dealer near you! Before ice fishing, always make sure to check the ice thickness! For more information, check out our blog on ice thickness safety.

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Darkhouse Skid House
Darkhouse Skid House
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