Ambush Hunting Blinds

Our Mission Is to Provide the Ultimate Experience by Building the Highest Quality Hunting Blinds Available.


The Stalker is our core hunting blind that started it all. The Stalker has been through many revisions as Ambush Hunting Blinds responds to feedback received from our customers. The octagon shape and unique window configuration provides multiple shot opportunities with either rifle, shotgun, crossbow or bow. The Stalker was the first of our blinds to utilize our unique Durabond Panel SystemTM; the key to providing a strong, quiet, warm, scent contained blind. The black stealth walls and tinted windows ensure optimal concealment. The Stalker is available in a 6’x6’ size equipped with four leg brackets that accept a 4”x4” for added elevation.


Our entry level blind is built with the same materials and manufacturing process as all Ambush Hunting Blinds. Our unique Durabond Panel SystemTM is second to none in strength, durability, insulation and stealth. Our blinds are designed and built to last. This blind is fully insulated and vented, allowing you to stay warm and comfortable during your hunt. Our tinted windows and dark interiors will keep you concealed. The Phantom Series comes standard with four horizontal windows that open quickly and quietly. This traditional square box blind is available in a 5’x5’ size.


The Renegade is for the avid hunter who demands the best. Built using the same Durabond Panel System as our other blinds, the Renegade provides the best in stealth, sound, size, comfort and field of view. The large horizontal windows on a hexagon blind gives you a panoramic view providing the best opportunity when a shot presents itself. Tinted windows along with the black stealth interior ensure you will remain undetected. Fully insulated panels with proper ventilation keeps you warm and comfortable throughout your hunt. The fully framed silent windows are easy to open for quick access, and make no sound opening or closing. The Renegade series is available in a 5’x5’ or 6’x6’ size, both equipped with four leg brackets that accept a 4”x4” for added elevation.


Our Mission Is to Provide the Ultimate Hunting Experience by Building the Highest Quality Products Available.

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After searching for months, I finally decided on 2 6x6 Ambush Stalker blinds which are made right here in the USA. The customer service from Ambush was top notch. Every time I called Ambush, one of the owners answered the phone and spent time talking to me about their blinds. I really preferred the new window design and the black out window covers, which were not on either of my blinds at the time of purchase. Ray at Ambush drove over 3+ hours one way to my property and replaced them for me. Who does that? You wont find better service anywhere!
Randy Gothrup