The Best Hunting Blind for Handicap Hunting

Everyone deserves to have access and the resources to do what they love, including hunting. Whether you, a family member or a friend has been in an accident or was born with a disability, they still deserve to spend time in the woods. Sometimes equipment built for able-bodied hunters does not work for those with […]

What to Do if You Fall Through the Ice While Fishing

No matter how careful you are while ice fishing, accidents happen. Because ice can be unpredictable, you always need to be prepared when you go ice fishing in case you find yourself in cold water.  When you head out on the ice, there are a few precautionary measures you should take to make sure you […]

Scent Control Tips for Hunting

Any hunter’s main goal is to get as close as possible to the animal they are hunting. One of the things that will kill your chances of bagging that big buck is your scent being detected by the animal. Did you know that whitetail deer have a better sense of smell than a dog? It […]

The Advantage of Ice Fishing Cameras

Take ice fishing in your skid house to the next level. How you may ask.  An underwater camera design for ice fishing. With an ice fishing camera, you can better see exactly what is happening under the ice. Underwater cameras allow you to know if your target species is around or interested in your bait. […]

How to Assemble a 10ft Hunting Blind Elevation Kit

Learn how to assemble a 10ft hunting blind elevation kit from Ambush Hunting Blinds. We recommend assembling with at least 3 people. Are you curious why you should use a elevation kit? Check out how you can elevate your hunting success with an elevation kit for your hunting blind! You will need the following tools […]

Which Ice Fishing Line is Best?

Which ice fishing line is best for you? Every ice fisherman has a line they prefer, but why? It is likely you have tried two or three different types and can’t find the best one. In our experience, the best ice fishing line depends on the situation.  Your line choice may be contingent on where […]

5 Tips for a Successful Late Season Hunt

If you can bear the winter weather and freezing temperatures in your hunting blind, you stand a chance of a successful late season hunt. There are a few things that you can do to better your chances of a late season hunt and here are our top 5 tips. Tip #1: Learn Late Season Behavior […]

Ice Fishing Techniques

Whether you are just getting into ice fishing or are a seasoned professional, there is always room to “sharpen your saw” or learn another technique. Next time you head out in your skid house, try one of these ice fishing techniques. Even if you have been on the ice for years, there might come a […]

How To: Skin a Deer for a Shoulder Mount

Congratulations on a successful hunt from your hunting blind!  You just took a monster 12-pointer and you decided in advance that, if you got a trophy,  you were going to get a shoulder mount.   If this is the scenario that plays out, you want make sure you follow these instructions when skinning your deer. If […]

The History of Ice Fishing

For years, ice fishing has been enjoyed as a pastime and relied on for sustenance. As time has gone on, the technology use in ice fishing has developed. Now, we can enjoy the sport in relative comfort while spending time on the ice. From ice fishing structures, like skid houses, to fish-finding technology, a lot […]