The Right To Hunt: Inclusive Handicap Hunting Blinds

At Ambush, we want everyone to have the same opportunities to hunt in comfort – this is why we created our fully accessible handicap hunting blinds! Regardless of if you have lost limb function, mobility, or have any other disability, we are here to make things equal for everyone. Adaptive equipment and techniques make hunting [...]

Ice Fishing in Minnesota – 5 Tips and Techniques!

Ambush is here to help! When it comes to ice fishing in Minnesota – or anywhere else – you never want to utter the words, “they just stopped biting.” With certain techniques, you can get the fish to keep coming to the surface! Here are five tips, tricks, and techniques from all of us here [...]

Ice Fishing Safety – How to Check For Safe Ice Thickness!

Checking For Safe Ice Thickness - Ice Fishing 101 When it comes to getting out on the ice, Ambush always wants everyone’s main concern to be ice fishing safety! Playing it safe before you even think about stepping out onto the ice is the most crucial thing you can do. This is especially important at [...]

Preventing Your Hunting Blind Windows From Fogging Up

There are many benefits to hunting in an enclosed blind, but what do you do to prevent your blind windows from fogging up? One of the challenges in an enclosed blind is keeping the windows clear from moisture or frost when the temperatures get below freezing. Anytime you have a cold object and apply heat [...]

Portable Ice House

Choosing Your Portable Ice House When it comes to purchasing a portable ice house, you are doing it to simplify your life out on the ice. So, how do you know that you are choosing the right model? Depending on the size, and what kind of material it’s made out of, the price can become [...]

Ice Fishing Houses

Ice Fishing Houses If you are looking to take up ice fishing, Ambush ice fishing houses are the answer to everything you need! Sure, taking in the great outdoors while posting up on a sheet of ice with your buddies sounds perfect, but we can take it to the next level. Investing in ice fishing […]

Ice House Skid

Ambush Hunting Ambush puts any other standard ice skid house to the test! With numerous years of experience on-the-ice, we put just about every fundamental to the test, find out what didn’t work, and threw those aspects aside. Making adjustments and improvements, our professionals went back to the ice. What was a difficult process full […]

Buying VS. Building a Tower Blind

Many of us hunters are do-it-yourselfers – but you should always consider the options of buying vs. building a tower blind! We take pride in handcrafting our own solutions to problems with whatever we have available. Many of us have probably even tried building our own hunting blind in the past — or even took […]

6 Things to Avoid in Your Deer Hunting Blind

We’ve all seen people do some pretty interesting things while hunting – and many are things to avoid when out in the field! These mental slip-ups can cost you the buck of your dreams — or even make you the laughing stock of your hunting pals. These are the top things you should steer clear […]

Gearing Up for a Deer Hunt the Right Way

When you’re gearing up for a deer hunt, you may need a few tips regarding which equipment to pick up and which equipment to leave at home. We’ll clue you in about everything you need for a good hunt so that you’ll be ready to go on the first legal hunting day. What are the […]