FREE SHIPPING on All Skid House Accessories

So you’ve got a skid house and now you want to make it your own.  You are in luck.  We have a comprehensive line of skid house accessories that will turn your ice fishing skid house into a home away from home.  Crank up the comfort of your skid house with heaters, cup holders, benches, solar kits, rod holders and so much more.  If you are going to spend some time ice fishing, it pays to have your skid house accessorized.  Set up your skid house just the way you want it with accessories from Ambush.

  • 110v Generator Plug

    110V Generator Plug

  • Solar Panel and Charge Controller

    20 Watt Solar Kit with Charge Controller

  • 200 watt solar panel

    200-Watt Off-Grid Solar Package

  • Skid House battery monitor

    Battery Monitor

  • Electronic Pedestal

    Electronics Pedestal

  • Keyless Door Entry

    Keyless Door Entry

  • Rod Rack

    Lock ‘N Hold Rod Rack

  • Power Inverter

    Power Inverter

  • Rattle Reel

    Rattle Reel

  • Rod Holder

    Rod Holder

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