Ambush Hunting Blinds is a family owned business situated near Elkhart, IN (the nation’s capital of RV manufacturing). The Seabolt family has a long history of hunting and fishing. After many years of manufacturing RV sidewalls and professional infrastructure for leading RV manufacturers, the Seabolt family decided to use their expertise and specialty equipment to make the world’s best hunting blind. Their unique hunting blinds cannot be found anywhere else.

Ambush Hunting Blind’s test facility, hundreds of acres with multiple blinds for testing purposes, allows the Ambush Hunting Blinds team to mercilessly pound their blinds, drag them around, relocate them over and over, and leave them in the harsh Midwestern weather for years. They slam the doors, open and close windows, and otherwise simulate decades of use. No other blind, at any price, can boast the same level of quality because other blinds aren’t made like Ambush Hunting Blinds. Sadly, most other blinds are made using wood and steel. Makers of inferior blinds try to cover up what they are doing by using fancy explanations with big words (to hide what’s really going on). Put simply, they are selling outdoor blinds made from materials that decay or rust when left outside! The Seabolts believe that isn’t much different than theft, and they think you deserve better.

Ambush Hunting Blinds are unique because they don’t contain any materials that degrade or rust. The owners truly want to sell customers the last blind they will ever buy–one that will last for years and years. Ambush Hunting Blinds are heirlooms passed from father to son.

The Seabolt’s and the rest of Ambush Hunting Blind’s team will continue to work hard to ensure every customer receives a blind they can trust. And if you’re in the Midwest without an Ambush Hunting Blind, the chances are good that the deer your would have bagged is in the Seabolt’s freezer. You simply shouldn’t be hunting with anything else.

This Only Displays Once! Give it some thought.

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