All the Ways to Process Game

Some hunters prefer to process the game they hunted themselves. There are multiple ways to process game and below are a few recommendations to follow. Before processing your game, learn how to gut it. If you are not interested in processing your game at home, it can be taken to the local butcher where they can provide ready-to-go cuts of mean as well as processed meat products like sticks and summer sausage.

What is Processing Game?

Processing game is another word for butchering an animal that you have hunted. During this process, you take the carcass and turn it into different cuts of meat. You want to make the most of the animal, letting no meat go to waste. Throughout the processing process, you can pick what cuts you want to suit your personal preferences.

Tips to Processing Game

There are a few tips you should always follow when processing game. First, you should always cool the meat as soon as possible. Next, make sure to keep the meat clean and dry throughout the process. Always avoid puncturing the stomach and intestines when cutting. Also, maintain the muscle groups.

Ways to Process Game

There are different ways to process game but there really isn’t a wrong or right way, it all dependent on personal preferences. The 5 following options are the most common ways to process game.

  1. Steaks – Certain cuts of meat are best for steaks. The inner loin will grill to be a perfect steak.
  2. Ground Burger – The quickest and most versatile way to process game. It will quickly fill your freezer with options for many different meals.
  3. Jerky – A very popular snack among hunters. A little marinade and dehydration go a long way.
  4. Sticks – Also, these are a very popular snack. They have lots of flavor opportunities, so everyone will like them.
  5. Sausage – Mixing your game with sausage creates juicy meat perfect for whatever you please. Sausage is also very popular and versatile, so there are a lot of recipes out there.

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After you’ve processed your game, check out all of the ways to mount your deer!

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