Dale Maciver

I love hunting with Ambush blinds. With sound deadening technology and plenty of room for your grandkids, they can make noise and not scare deer away. This is a great investment, and your grandkids will be able to hunt in the same Ambush blind years down the road!!

Daniel Dubel

Wanted to take a minute and share my stories in my Ambush hunting blinds. We have 4 on our family hunting property near Alexandria, MN and they have treated us well. We have a stair case build to one of the blinds (we call her Bertha), and I have shot 2 deer out of it with my son. The first one was a 10 point buck forty five minutes into my son’s first hunt – talk about setting the standards high. The other was a doe we got this year during early doe season. It’s incredible how close the deer come to us without having any clue we are there. My boys are not the quietest, and have put the sound proofing material to the test. The Ambush blind has yet to disappoint.

Not only are these blinds quiet and warm to sit in, they require no maintenance from us. We have about 5 old stands on the property that every year we have to fix the siding, fix the ladders, or just tip back up from the storms. With our 4 Ambush blinds, we have we don’t have to do anything with, which makes it that much easier every year to get ready for deer season. At some point we will have more on the property, especially when the kids in the group can hunt on their own.

Great blinds that will be there for generations.

Matt Lynch

I bought an Ambush hunting blind four years ago! It is so well built and insulated, I can heat it as warm as I like with just a portable buddy heater on low, around Bemidji, Minnesota where it gets extremely cold. Staying comfortable allows me to spend MUCH more time in the stand each year. It also makes it very quiet meaning I can watch deer come in very close and they don’t even know I’m there. In four years I’ve taken 2 quality bucks!

My 10 year old son harvested his first doe this year during the youth hunt!! If you’ve ever hunted with kids, they are not quiet, but he loves hunting out of our Ambush deer stand!!

Chris Mattson

If you’re looking for an advantage over a whitetail, Ambush blinds give you sight, sound, and smell above the rest of the stands on the market. The build quality is leaps and bounds over anything available. Quiet, tinted windows give you the visual advantage and great insulated floor and walls keeps you warm all day with the ability to bring your kids. The solar panel charges the iPad for the kids to watch and stay busy for longer sits. The memories with my father and kids are only beginning. We picked up our second Ambush this year after owning our first for 2 seasons. Would highly suggest! Built to last a lifetime.

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