Ambush Hunting Blinds

Guaranteed Tough!

  • Our blinds are hand-crafted using American labor and materials.
  • Welded frames, composite materials, solid insulation, tight seals.
  • Lightweight, Weatherproof, Impervious to insects, mold, and decay.
  • The same methods used in commercial motor homes and utility trailers.


Deep in the bush, with cameramen on the payroll
and everything on the line, you want an
Ambush Hunting Blind.

Exacting Quality Controls


  • Less than 1/16th inch tolerances for joints and seams.
  • Watertight testing of the roof, floor, doors, and windows.
  • Paint and exterior inspections.




Thick, Solid Walls

  • We wrap the interior and exterior in composite materials.
  • Heavy duty rivets secure the solid construction.
  • Commercial lamination adhesive permanently seals everything.


Drop Our Blinds in a Swamp!

Safe for woods, deserts, ice, and swamps. Never rusts! Never rots!

Weather-Tight Seals

All of our window and door openings use an automotive type weather seal.

Our Midwest roots mean we know weather. Blistering summers and subzero winters are no problem for our blinds. Our weather-tight seals remain flexible in all kinds of weather, always assuring our windows open and close quietly, and seal completely.


Impenetrable by insects and rodents!

Tough Finish...

Our blinds are tough from start to finish!

Just before painting, we apply a special finish, and coat the roof with a rugged material (similar to pickup truck liners), ensuring a weather-tight finish that adds strength and durability for years to come. We never back off quality!


Our Blinds Don't Leak!


Built to last.

Hunting blinds date back to the 16th century. They are more important today than at any time in history. Modern hunting blinds are not created equally. Only Ambush Hunting Blinds are made using our process. It's why our blinds are trusted by professional hunters. We use the same cutting-edge technology and materials RV manufacturers use. Our blinds are built to last. You cannot find a better blind anywhere at any price.

We guarantee it!

Form AND Function!

Blinds are an important, functional part of your overall equipment. Professional hunters carefully select all their gear. You wouldn't trust an inferior weapon, and you shouldn't trust an inferior blind. 

Seasoned hunters know a hunt can fail for many reasons! Our blinds won't be one of them. Ambush Hunting Blinds assist in a successful hunt. 


Blend InAmbush Hunting Blinds come pre-painted in a non-glare, Army Green color. Our blinds take advantage of military stealth-techniques. By using a special color palette and our unique silhouette, our blinds blend into more environments.

You can drop your blind and hunt with confidence, or customize the exterior to match the surroundings as you see fit.

Our Blinds Blend In!


Deerassic-2015-2-If you don't elevate your blind, we provide a generous door, big enough for a robust hunter. If you do decide to elevate, our ladder bracket is mounted on the underside of the blind near the edge of the trap door. This gives you several attachment options for your ladder.

Our blinds come equipped with steel leg brackets placed at each corner. The unique pitch of our brackets ensure that the base widens as the height increases. This means stability at any elevation.

Many other blinds need custom work to be versatile. We don't do things half-way. Our blinds are ready to elevate. Don't spend your life trying to customize your blind. Get a good blind to start with and then go hunting!

Built to be Versatile!

Waiting-to-be-LoadedAll Ambush Hunting Blinds have complete 360° shooting lanes. Hunters can't target what they can't see!

Specially designed windows allow traditional archers to have the freedom of a tree stand with the comfort of an enclosed blind.

Why are our blinds so popular with professional hunters accompanied by camera crews? Because our blinds provide more than one window to the target!

Never miss an opportunity!

Insulated-Wall-2-Our Blinds Stay Warmer in Winter and Cooler in Summer!

Our blinds are fully insulated just like RV and Utility Trailers. The floor and ceiling receive special treatment too. We don't take shortcuts!

We know hunters spend long hours in our blinds. In the high desert, hunters face freezing temperatures at night and then blistering heat during the day. Midwestern sub-zero winters never let up. Texans experience maritime weather near the gulf and a dry climate further west. No matter where you hunt, or what mother nature has in store, we want you to be safe and comfortable in a quality blind designed for any weather.

Stay Comfortable and Hunt Longer!

Ambush-5650We cover the interior of every blind in a stealth material designed to absorb light, reduce scents, and dampen sounds. This makes it far more difficult for you to be detected inside.

Our windows use piano-style silent hinges that will not squeak or freeze in any weather. There's nothing worse than losing the shot of a lifetime because of unnecessary noise.

Our window and door seals don't stick or pop open. The floors don't rattle or creak. The exterior doesn't whistle when the wind blows. Soft voices cannot be heard outside the blind.

You Simply Fade Away!

Our Blinds Are Manufactured by Master Craftsmen in the USA 
Using RV Manufacturing Materials and Techniques!

Our Blinds Are Built to Last. They Won't Leak or Let You Down!

This Only Displays Once! Give it some thought.

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