5 Qualities Your Gun Hunting Blind Should Have

Hunters use gun hunting blinds for hunting a variety of game. These allow the hunters to hunt from a fixed place and shelters them from the weather. If you looking to purchase a new gun hunting blind, the variety of options may be overwhelming. There are various types of gun hunting blinds available in the market, having a wide variety of features and sizes and an even larger price range. This article contains all information you need to know about gun hunting blinds to make an educated buying decision.

1. Weather Resistant

When purchasing a gun hunting blind, you should consider a blind that has a waterproof outer surface to keep you dry during wet weather conditions. In addition, a suitable gun hunting blind shouldn’t only be water-resistant but also should be heat resistant so that it absorbs less heat and provide the hunter with a cooling effect inside during hot days.

2. Setup should be simple

A suitable gun hunting blind should be durable and easy to set up. Thanks to their strength and durability, once your Ambush blind is set up minimal maintenance is needed. Placement of the hunting blinds at the right spot plays a significant role in a successful hunt. If you are unsure where you should be placing your blind, we’ve got you covered in our article here.

3. Premium Silent Windows

Hunting blinds are available with various window configurations, ranging in sizes, opening styles, quantity, and tint. Larger windows offer a wider field of view while smaller windows offer better concealment. Ambush blinds offer a drop-down window with a silent latch. The windows open inward to prevent glares or reflections from spooking your game. Ambush uses premium materials to make sure the windows seal properly and are easy to open. Check out this article on how to stop your windows from fogging up!

4. Muted Blind Colors

The colors used on Ambush blinds allows your gun hunting blind to blend in better, yielding and more successful hunt. The muted tones of the Stalker and Phantom hunting blinds easily blend in with your natural surroundings.

5. Wide-Angled View

By having wide angles of view, you will see more of your surroundings. This reduces missed opportunities and allows you more time to react. Due to the unique window configuration of Ambush’s Stalker blind, it can also be used for archery hunting as well as gun hunting. Check out these pro tips for hunting blinds before you set out on your next hunting adventure!

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