Hunting Blind Accessories

Great hunting blind accessories can be the difference between a good hunting blind and a great hunting blind! There are several additions you can add to your hunting blind to turn it into a luxurious hunting platform that will be the envy of your hunting friends. Let’s take a look at some accessories you should consider for your deer blind. These accessories can be used with our handicap blinds, too!

Bow/Gun Rack

A rack or stand for your bow and gun should be one of the first things to consider.

Here’s a story that will relate to many hunters. You’re sitting in your blind and your gun is leaning against the wall, deer are feeding in the field, and your gun slides, creating a loud thump as it hits the adjoining wall, deer all around shoot their heads up, ears pivoting towards your location followed by loud snorts and flashing whitetail warning flags.

Having a good gun rack or bow rack or hanger can be worth their weight in gold in the woods, and it’s something you won’t realize until it costs you a trophy buck or spook a field full of deer away.

Ambush outdoor products offer hunters a bow hanger made specifically to fit into their stalker and phantom series blinds. If you want a quality bow hanger, look no further.

Light Kits

Another often overlooked bow hunting accessory is a light kit. Light kits can save you tons of hassle and noise. Instead of fumbling in the dark looking for something in your pack, looking for your ammunition, phone, or other items, you can find it in no time at all and do it silently.

Ambush outdoor products have light kits for all of their hunting blind models and make it an easy fit and install. They also feature USB ports, a 12-volt socket, and battery clips.

Solar Panel Kits

If you’re adding a light kit to your list of hunting blind accessories, you might want to consider adding a solar panel kit to keep your hunting blind battery charged.

Ambush outdoor products have solar panel kits that will work perfectly for your hunting blind and are designed to fit and work perfectly with the available light kits for the phantom and stalker series hunting blinds.


A quality hunting blind and some well-thought-out hunting blind accessories can make you king of the forest sitting in your own palace. Not only are they just flat-out cool, but they are also practical and make your time in the woods in pursuit of that trophy buck comfortable and hassle-free. Check out how our elevation kits can increase your success hunting!

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