10 Tips for Tracking Deer

Tracking a deer can be hard work. Every hunter has had at least one difficult situation, whether that be darkness or a bad shot. Before you make the shot from your hunting blind, check out our tips for tracking deer. We hope that these tips will teach you lessons to help you recover your deer, instead of learning tips for tracking deer the hard way, which risks increasing mistakes and not recovering deer.

Tip #1 – Wait, Watch & Listen

After the shot, wait, watch & listen. As much as you want to get out of your blind or stand to start tracking the deer, be patient.

Tip #2 – Good Lighting

Use good lighting when tracking in the dark. Check out the best lights from 2021.

Tip #3 – Mark the Trail

Mark the trail when you see blood. You want to be able to refer back to these points.

Tip #4 – Know your Shot

Know where you hit the deer. If it was a good shot, you can start tracking sooner.  If it was a bad hit, give the deer some time, it will eventually lay down and pass.

Tip #5 – Invite Help

Tracking a deer is hard to do alone. Invite a couple of buddies to come and help, but do not make it a party. Too many people can make tracking more difficult.

Tip #6 – Do Not Rush for Weather

If any weather is coming, do not rush your tracking. You do not want to jump the deer. Consider the options, would you rather have a deer close to your stand with no blood or jump a deer and lose blood due to weather?

Tip #7 – Mark Where the Deer Was

After your shot, make a note of where the deer was standing when shot. The location is easy to forget after climbing out of the stand.

Tip #8 – Study the Arrow (if possible)

If you are bowhunting, study the blood on the arrow. Here are the blood variations and their meanings.

Tip #9 – Always Carry your Weapon

Always, always carry your weapon when tracking a deer, even when you think it is dead. If you come upon a live deer, you do not want to jump it.

Tip #10 – Watch for a Double-Back

Finally, if the blood trail suddenly stops, keep in mind the deer could’ve doubled back on its blood trail.

Now that you have our tips on tracking deer, you are better prepared for your hunt. If you have a successful hunt, read our guide on How to Gut a Deer.

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Photo Credit – Rage Broadheads

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