Understanding & Maintaining a Safe Deer Blind

As children, many hunters have built their own treestands from scrap wood and 2×4’s and strapped them to a tree. Or maybe you just climbed a tree and sat or stood on branches for hours on end. But let’s be honest, at the end of the day, deer blind safety is essential, so let’s look at what goes into a safe deer blind.


Commonly known as widowmakers, dead branches, or dead trees can pose a serious risk to anyone in a ground blind. That’s why it’s important to thoroughly check any areas where you wish to place a permanent or temporary deer blind.

Or better yet, get a permanent deer blind setup that is out from under any trees without needing to worry nearly as much about these types of hazards.

Wear and Tear

Homebuilt deer blinds are susceptible to the elements – wood will eventually rot, or the fastening may kill the tree. The wind is also a major concern in homemade blinds. The swaying of trees and the pressure of the wind pushing against these blinds can weaken them. This can cause failures and injury or death and does not constitute a safe deer blind.

High Quality and Safe Deer Blinds

Safety should always be your #1 priority, and safe deer blinds are something every hunter should use.

Ambush Outdoor Products goes above in beyond to ensure that we produce a safe deer blind.

The Stalker and Phantom deer blinds are some of the best around and are constructed using welded aluminum studs, extruded aluminum wall joints, and structure to ensure durability while keeping the overall construction as light as possible, making it an incredibly safe deer blind.

The Stalker

Ambush’s Stalker blind comes in at 6×6 feet and features an octagonal design to eliminate blind spots, as well as being ultra-quiet, helping eliminate scent to a large degree and hiding all movements.

The Phantom

Ambush’s smaller Phantom blind is another safe deer blind with only the best and most durable of materials and built using quality construction methods.

The Phantom is a square design blind coming in at 5×5 feet with four large horizontal windows for exceptional visibility. Both the Phantom and the Stalker incorporate great features like fiberglass exteriors with EPS Styrofoam insulation, in one-piece walls to add to durability, and rubberized floors to make them some of the quietest blinds you will ever sit in.

Handicapped Blinds

Everyone should be able to enjoy hunting without having to worry about having a disability. Ambush outdoor products also feature a specialized deer blind for disabled hunters.

Featuring a 41” wide door and a 38-3/4″ opening for a wheelchair and can accommodate the action track chair in these models: ST16, ST18, ST20, and ST22.

The Handicapped blinds are built ultra-tough and can accommodate the extra weight of a heavy-duty wheelchair like the action track chair with ease.

Elevation Kit

Getting higher off the ground is essential to seeing long distances and spotting deer. Ambush hunting blinds supply a durable elevation kit to raise your blind off the ground and do it safely.

The elevation kits come in 5-foot and 10-foot models depending on your elevation needs and feature stair and railings. Once leveled and anchored in place to protect from high winds, the elevation kit gives you the ultimate safe deer blind.


If you want the ultimate safe deer blind, look no further. Ambush outdoor products have you covered with rock-solid construction and materials that will withstand the test of time and are virtually maintenance-free. Our blinds have all the qualities you need for hunting. Spend less time repairing or rebuilding blinds and more time hunting.

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