Hunting Blinds

Do you feel as though you’re being watched? Like you can’t stay hidden during a hunt that you have been eager to get to? Try Ambush hunting blinds! Reduce detection while shielding yourself from mother nature’s ever-changing weather.

At Ambush, we are here to make staying hidden and staying comfortable exceedingly simple, satisfaction guaranteed.

There is nothing more aggravating to a hunter than being spotted. When a target discovers you, whether by smell or movement, it disappears in a flash. Ambush Hunting Blinds keeps the hunter hidden throughout the hunt using several top of the line features!  Using a hunting blind will increase your overall chances of staying hidden in the woods.  This is especially true if you are hunting with young children. When it comes to a hunting blind, you want the design to focus on silence, warmth, and scent proofing.

Ambush Hunting Blinds feature a complete fiberglass exterior and EPS Styrofoam insulation for maximum sound control!  Ambush Hunting Blinds have models ranging from 5’x5’ to 6’x6’.  At nearly 7 feet tall, there is plenty of room to stand up as needed! Light kits and bow hooks will make it easier for everyone to get set up quickly and efficiently.

Ambush Blinds will keep you dry on a wet, rainy day and be protected from the harsh outdoor elements such as wind, snow, and rain. With a family hunting blind built to suit the needs of everyone in your crew, you will be able to relax in comfort and enjoy the nature surrounding you. In other words, you’ll enjoy staying out in the woods long after your buddies have gone back to camp!

Manufactured by professionals that just get it, Ambush strives to provide high quality hunting blinds that will last a lifetime.

Phantom Hunting Blinds

Our Phantom Hunting Blinds are built with the same materials as the Stalker series. Our Durabond Panel System is built for strength, durability, and insulation.  The Phantom Hunting blind is fully insulated and vented allowing you to stay comfortable while you are out hunting.  The tinted windows of the Phantom Hunting Blind paired with the dark interior will keep you hidden.  This traditional square hunting blind is available in a 5’x5′ size.

Hunting Blinds
Hunting Blinds

Stalker Hunting Blinds

The Stalker Hunting Blinds is the core blind that started it all for Ambush Blinds.  The octagon-shaped hunting blind features a unique window configuration that provides multiple shot angles with either your rifle, crossbow, or bow.  The Stalker Hunting Blind is a fully insulated, strong, and scent contained blind that features tinted windows that ensures optimal concealment.  The Stalker Hunting Blind is available in a 6’x6′ size with four leg brackets that will take a 4″x4″ to add elevation.