The Best Time to Hunt During Deer Season

Being in the blind at the right time is the most critical part of a successful deer season. There are times during the season and even during the day that deer are more active. The next time you are considering calling in sick or burning a vacation day to head to your hunting blind, follow our tips on the best time to hunt during deer season.


First, the best time to hunt during deer season is when the bucks are in rut. The mating season of deer is called the rut. All of the deer, including the big bucks, are out during the rut. The male deer are moving around looking for a doe to mate.

Sunrise & Sunset

The next best time to hunt during deer season is at sunrise and sunset. No matter what the conditions are, deer are moving during this time. You want to be in your blind during these times because the deer move. At sunset, the deer head out to the fields to look for food, and at sunrise, they head back in for protection.

Temperature Changes

Drastic temperature changes cause deer to get up and move. When this occurs, you should head to your blind. Check the weather and know when the temperature is going to drop. When the temperature drops, it makes the deer look for food while moving to stay warm.


Any change in weather is a positive thing for deer season. The deer can sense the pressure change before a front arrives. The deer will get up and look for food in preparation for the storm or snowfall. Even if it is a small pop-up shower, it will encourage the deer to move.

When you can combine multiple of these situations, it creates the best time to hunt during deer season. If you’re looking for other ways to improve your deer season, check out this blog.

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