Premium Hunting Blinds – At Factory Direct Pricing

If your deer stand is in need of an upgrade or you are ready for the industry leading premium hunting blind, keep reading. Ambush Outdoor Products is proud to offer the most current selection of premium hunting blinds, factory direct! That means no more searching around for a dealer, you can order directly from us and get tremendous savings.

Our state-of-the-art hunting blinds provide maximum concealment and protection, allowing you to relax comfortably as you wait for that trophy buck. Not only do our advanced technologies ensure years of reliable use, but we’re able to keep our prices incredibly competitive by eliminating middlemen and retail overhead from the equation. Hear from our satisfied customers.

Whether you’re a hardcore hunter or hunt just a few times per year, there isn’t a better choice for premium hard-sided blinds at a bargain price than Ambush Hunting Blinds.

Special Shipping on Factory Direct Stalker and Phantom Blind Bundles

Getting a Stalker or Phantom blind for your property has never been easier. And now, if you order multiple Stalker and Phantom hunting blinds on the same order, you can take advantage of our special shipping deal.

Not only will you save on shipping costs, but the convenience of receiving your order quickly and in one load is sure to be appreciated by any outdoorsman. Plus, the quality and durability of these blinds ensure that your purchase will provide lasting satisfaction for years to come.

So, how does it work? Simply bundle multiple units on one order and pay the cost of shipping for one unit. The following shipping load configurations qualify:

Stalker: 5 plus 2 blind stands OR 4 plus 4 blind stands

Phantom: 6 plus 2 blind stands OR 5 plus 5 blind stands

Full Truckloads: 8 hunting blinds and up to 8 blind stands. Please email us for a quote for this option.

Hunting blinds are in stock and ship within a week of ordering. Save on shipping by adding multiple blinds on one order*. Shipping is calculated at $2 per mile from Detroit Lakes, MN  If you are near Detroit Lakes or you are planning a visit, you can pick up your new hunting blind at our factory and save on shipping.

*You may arrange your own pick-up or freight if desired.


Ambush Phantom Hunting Blind exterior, now available factory Direct

Customizing Your Factory Direct Ambush Blinds

When you order blinds from Ambush, you have the power to customize your hunting experience! Customize your Stalker and Phantom hunting blinds with a variety of features and accessories to make sure they fit your exact needs. Choose from options like camo window treatments, keyless door entry, heaters, and more. Whether you’re hunting deer, turkey, or predators, these blinds are designed to give you the perfect hunting experience in any terrain. Take a look at the stock and add-on features of these two models.


The Stalker’s octagon shape, with eight total windows, provides 360-degree shot opportunities with either rifle, shotgun, crossbow, or bow. Because of the Stalker’s size, it can accommodate more than one hunter – perfect for children or grandchildren. The Stalker is equipped with four leg brackets that accept 4X4s if you choose to build your own blind elevation stand. The leg brackets are also designed for our 5’ or 10’ powder-coated steel elevation kits. Packed with features, the Stalker has it all!

Want to personalize your Stalker blind to best fit your hunting needs? Select from these accessories when you order off our site:

  • Stalker Camo Window Treatments
  • Keyless Door Entry
  • Ventless Heater
  • Ski Kit
  • Wheelchair Accessible Door (38 – 3/4’ opening)
  • Light Kit or Solar Kit (Light kit is included with Solar Kit)
  • Hunting Blind Vent Covers (Stalker has two vents)
  • Hunting Blind Bow Hanger (Choose your own quantity)
  • Steel Cup Holder (Choose your own quantity)
  • Hunting Blind Catch Cover and Hole (Choose your own quantity)
  • Elevation Kit (Choose from 5′ or 10′)


The Phantom is 5’ x 5’ with a bowed roof – perfect for a single hunter. The window size and configuration offer the perfect blend of shot opportunities and concealment. The Phantom features the same quality construction methods as the Stalker. Equipped with 4” X 4” leg brackets, this stand is equipped to accept the Ambush elevation kit, or you can build your own blind stand using 4X4 dimensional lumber.

Want to personalize your Phantom blind to best fit your hunting needs? Select from these accessories when you order off our site:

  • Phantom Camo Window Treatments
  • Keyless Door Entry
  • Ventless Heater
  • Light Kit or Solar Kit (Light kit is included with Solar Kit)
  • Hunting Blind Vent Covers (Phantom has two vents)
  • Hunting Blind Bow Hanger (Choose your own quantity)
  • Steel Cup Holder (Choose your own quantity)
  • Elevation Kit (Choose from 5′ or 10′)
Ambush Stalker Hunting Blind Interior, now available factory direct

A Little More About Ambush Customizable Accessories

Stalker Camo Window Treatments

Stay hidden from your prey with Ambush’s own camouflage window treatments! These window treatments allow you to see outside while remaining perfectly hidden inside.

Keyless Door Entry

Ambush’s keyless entry system provides security and convenience. This new lock has a full-size handle and an integrated deadbolt system that provides added security and extends battery life. Easy installation with just a screwdriver.

Ventless Heater

Ambush’s ventless heater will keep your Phantom or Stalker hunting blind nice and toasty when the snow starts to fall. Requires a user-supplied LP tank.

Ski Kit

Convert your Stalker into an easy-to-move hunting blind OR set it up to use as an ice fishing skid house. The kit comes complete with two strong steel skis to pull your hunting blind through the woods or on the ice.

A ski kit attached to an ambush hunting blind

Wheelchair Accessible Door (38 – 3/4’ opening)

Having a wheelchair or a walker doesn’t mean you should have to miss out on the hunt! Our 41” wide door – with a 38-3/4″ opening for the wheelchair – can accommodate most Action Trackchair Models. The blinds are plenty strong to hold an Action Trackchair along with multiple hunters. If you use a walker, our flat door threshold gives you the ability to roll right into a blind.

Light Kit or Solar Kit (Light kit is included with Solar Kit)

The light kit comes with a 12″ LED light bar and a USB/12V charging port. Or get everything in one with the hunting blind solar charging kit. Comes complete with a solar panel, charge controller, an LED light bar, and a USB/12V charging port.

Hunting Blind Vent Covers

Camouflage your scent by covering your 3″ vents. This vent cover will slide over your 3″ round vent, open or closed depending on your need. Both the Stalker & Phantom come standard with two vents.

Hunting Blind Bow Hanger

Get your bow or other gear off the ground with these convenient and easy-to-install bow hanger hooks. Now you don’t have to worry about kicking your bow that’s leaning on the side of the blind and knocking it over. You know how much noise that makes.

Steel Cup Holder

Up your cupholder game. This bad boy is made out of sturdy steel and is powder-coated black. Designed to hold a can, bottle, or tumbler of your favorite beverage.

Hunting Blind Catch Cover and Hole

Now you can quickly convert your Stalker hunting blind to a well-equipped ice fishing skid house. With our Catch Cover kit AND the new Stalker hunting blind ski kit (sold separately), you can hunt the fall seasons and when you are ready, you can move your Stalker hunting blind out to the ice and start fishing.

Elevation Kit (Choose from 5′ or 10′)

The Ambush elevation kit features strong powder-coated steel, deep treads instead of rungs, a comfortable stair angle and handrails for added stability. Includes cable, turnbuckles, and a ground anchor for easy installation. With its large porch and incredible stability, you can be sure that this kit will provide superior performance in any environment.

Elevated platform for a hunting blind

Ambush Outdoor Products offers top-of-the-line blinds with the Stalker and Phantom. Personalize either one of these blinds with accessories like keyless door entry, ventless heaters, ski kits, wheelchair-accessible doors, light or solar kits, and more.

Also, make sure to take advantage of our special shipping price when you order more than one Ambush Stalker or Phantom blind in the load configurations mentioned above. One shipping fee for multiple premium blinds is a deal you can’t beat. So why wait? Get out there and make every hunt count with Ambush hunting blinds today!

Ready to order? Check-out customizations and prices.  When you are ready to take advantage of our new factory direct pricing, you can place your order online.

Happy hunting!

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