Why Elevated Blinds Elevate Your Hunting Success

If you are hoping to find some more success this hunting season, you may want to reevaluate your ground-level blinds. Hunting blinds are a key piece of hunting gear that will help you to seal the deal on that next big buck, but they should be elevated in order to get the most out of them!

Avoid the Smell and Noise

A major benefit to elevated blinds is that your scent is not nearly as detachable the further up you are. From an elevated position, your scent is much less likely to get caught by the deer. The same can be said for noise. Deer are also less likely to be spooked when you contain any sounds higher up in the air. Most hunters are caught by a deer’s nose or ears. With elevated blinds, you can beat their best two senses.

Raise Them Up Higher

Elevated blinds are incredibly versatile because of their ability to see much more of the surrounding area than you otherwise would at ground level. The higher up you go, the more you can see and the better the hunting will be. Even if your current hunting blinds are not elevated, you can always elevate them yourself. There are special kits and customization options, such as the elevation kit from Ambush that will allow you to get your blind off of the ground and help you enjoy the versatility that comes with more elevation.

Final Thoughts

It is no secret that hunting blinds are one of the best ways to hunt many different game animals, but they do come with a few limitations. You can avoid these limitations by elevating your hunting blinds and enjoying a whole new level of success! When you are serious about hunting, it can never hurt to have a 360-degree view! With Ambush’s all-new elevation kit, you can raise your blind 5’ or 10’ above the ground.

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