Advantages of a Hard Side Blind

Whether you are headed out to hunt deer or turkeys, there is no doubt that sitting in a hunting blind will help you improve your odds of having a successful hunt. There are two main types of hunting blinds, hard sided blinds, and soft, pop-up style blinds. While both can work just fine, there are many more advantages of having a hard side blind to hunt in! Read on to see why you need a hard sided hunting blind for your next hunting season!


While a hard side blind can be expensive, you will see more benefits from the second you sit in it. If the weather decides to turn for the worse, you will be much more comfortable in a hard side hunting blind. These blinds will offer much more protection and keep you safe in all types of weather conditions. Whether it is rain, snow, or colder temperatures, your hard side blind will protect you from almost anything!


It should also go without saying that a hard side blind is more durable than the usual pop-up, hub-style blind. When a blind is outside for long periods of time, it is exposed to Mother Nature which can wear down on it. Ambush strives to provide the highest quality hunting blinds that will last a lifetime. An Ambush hunting blind will last you for years and handle mother nature’s battles with ease. Blinds by Ambush are much more durable than other types of blinds. For example, a box blind like the Phantom or Stalker from Ambush Blinds will be one of the most durable hunting blinds you have ever owned! Here’s an article on why you shouldn’t buy a cheap hard-sided hunting blind.

Final Thoughts

Having a hard sided blind has many advantages that will help hunters have more success in the woods. If you have ever considered investing in a quality hard side blind, you owe it to yourself to try one. Check out our tips for more success with your deer hunting blinds here! Experience the difference for yourself!

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