How to Make a Homemade Deer Salt Lick

Keeping deer around and helping them grow is a very important part of a successful hunt. A homemade deer salt lick is a quick and easy way to support your herd. If you are wanting to put multiple salt licks on your property, it is cheaper to make them yourself. When making a deer salt lick, you can make as much or little as you would like. If stored properly, the ingredients will keep for a long time. This way, you can make homemade deer salt licks season after season.

What You Need to Make a Salt Lick

Everything you need to make a homemade deer salt lick is easy to find at your local farm and home store such as Rural King or Tractor Supply. To make a homemade deer salt lick, you will need the following items:

  1. A large bucket
  2. Shovel or posthole digger
  3. Di-Calcium Phosphate
  4. Trace mineral salt
  5. Stock salt

Making the Homemade Deer Salt Lick

After you have gathered all of the materials and ingredients you need, making the salt lick is easy. Just mix the ingredients in a large bucket and leave them dry.  You do not need to add any liquid or moisture. We recommend using this ratio when making a homemade deer salt lick:

1 part Di-Calcium Phosphate – 2 parts Trace mineral salt – 1 part stock salt

Where to Put Your Salt Lick

Where to Put your salt lick

Once you have mixed the ingredients, bring your shovel or posthole digger out to the woods and find a deer travel route. After finding a desired place, dig a hole about 8 to 12 inches deep and up to 36 inches wide. Then, pour about 90 to 95% of your salt mixture into the hole and cover it slightly with soil. Pour what’s left over on top of the thin layer of soil. This will help the deer locate the salt lick faster. Finally, set up your trail camera and wait for your homemade deer salt lick to start working!

Know the Laws of a Deer Salt Lick

Knowing the laws of your state is the most important part of this process. It is illegal to hunt over salt licks in some states. Do not place them in front of your Ambush Hunting Blind during season. Check with your local DNR to make sure your salt licks’ ingredients and where you placed them is not considered hunting over bait. If you are looking to have more success in your blind check out these legal tips and tricks.

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