How to Gut a Deer

You’ve had a successful hunt, congrats! But, after taking the perfect shot out of your Ambush Hunting Blind, you may be thinking, “now what?”. Well, it’s time to track your trophy and get ready to field dress it! You want to make sure you gut your deer right so you can keep as much meat […]

A Guide to Introducing your Child to Hunting

Hunting is a memorable activity, but it is even better when you do it as a family. Likely, you were taught how to hunt by a family member! When introducing a child to hunting, it’s hard to know where to begin. Check out our recommendations in this guide, and your family will be out hunting […]

A Guide to Turkey Hunting

Are you getting into the sport of turkey hunting or just looking to learn more? You’ve come to the right place! Below is our comprehensive guide to turkey hunting! About Turkeys The Ocellated turkey of Central America and the North American wild turkey, are the two turkey species that are native to North America. The […]

How to Make a Homemade Deer Salt Lick

Keeping deer around and helping them grow is a very important part of a successful hunt. A homemade deer salt lick is a quick and easy way to support your herd. If you are wanting to put multiple salt licks on your property, it is cheaper to make them yourself. When making a deer salt […]

The Antler Scoring System Explained

If you have ever taken a buck with a monster set of antlers, you may have wondered how big its antlers are and how they score the rack. Officials use an antler scoring system to score and compare a bucks’ antlers. There are multiple respected antler scoring systems used in the field, including Pope and Young, Safari […]

The Deer Tagging Process Explained

You arrived early, before the sun came up, and set up in one of your deer hunting blinds.  You have been seeing a nice buck in this area, and you are hoping to get a good shot at him this morning.  Not long after daylight, you hear the faint sound of leaves slightly crackling.  Your […]

Why You Should Use Elevated Hunting Blinds

          When preparing your favorite deer spot for the upcoming season, one item you should not overlook is the benefit provided by elevated hunting blinds.  They can make a huge difference in the comfort and success of your hunt. What Are They? Elevated hunting blinds are simply hunting enclosures that are raised off the ground.  [...]

Understanding & Maintaining a Safe Deer Blind

As children, many hunters have built their own treestands from scrap wood and 2×4’s and strapped them to a tree. Or maybe you just climbed a tree and sat or stood on branches for hours on end. But let’s be honest, at the end of the day, deer blind safety is essential, so let’s look […]

History of Hunting Blinds

Being spotted by prey can be one of the most frustrating parts of hunting. Hunters knew staying hidden was key throughout the entire history of hunting blinds. Regardless of what species that you are after, whether it be deer, bear, ducks, or turkeys. If they spot you they will usually run away in the opposite direction. […]

The Right To Hunt: Inclusive Handicap Hunting Blinds

At Ambush, we want everyone to have the same opportunities to hunt in comfort – this is why we created our fully accessible handicap hunting blinds! Regardless of if you have lost limb function, mobility, or have any other disability, we are here to make things equal for everyone. Adaptive equipment and techniques make hunting [...]