Handicap Accessible Blinds

Handicap Accessible Blinds

Handicap Accessible Blinds

At Ambush Outdoors, we believe in inclusion and accommodation for all, which includes handicap accessible blinds.  We have an accessible blind with a wider width to allow for wheelchairs to enter.  With a flat door threshold and a 41” wide door, you can wheel right into your hunting blind.  We’ve designed the handicap accessible blind for the hunter that can no longer climb, has limited mobility and wants to wheel his/her chair or walker right into their blind.

Why Ambush

Ambush blinds are designed to focus on silence, warmth, and scent proofing. Blinds are one of the most important aspects when hunting.  Because of this, everyone should have the opportunity to hunt in our blinds and should not be hindered because of mobility issue.  With Ambush handicap accessible blinds, access is easy and comfort is key.

Quality Construction

Ambush blinds are accomodating for all.  Our 41” wide door can accommodate Action Trackchair Model #’s ST16, ST18, ST20 and ST22.  The blinds are plenty strong to hold an Action Trackchair along with multiple hunters. We’re proud to have blinds that are fully handicap accessible.  If you have a wider chair, our blind can work for you! Maybe you use a walker and need the ability to roll right into a blind.  Wide door, flat door threshold, large interior, accommodation, accessibility, comfort and quiet.  Having a wheelchair or a walker doesn’t mean you should have to miss out on the hunt!

Handicap Accessible & Inclusive to All

With the Ambush handicap accessible blind, you won’t need to worry about trying to make an existing blind adaptive.  Our team has already taken care of this for you.  We believe that everyone deserves the right to have access regardless of their physical limitations.  Therefore, you can trust our company to provide you with the highest quality, completely accessible, hunting blind. Access and inclusion for all.