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Best Types of Bows for Hunting

Bowhunting is an age-old practice that requires skill, patience, and the right equipment. A good hunting bow can mean the difference between a successful hunt and a missed opportunity. But what’s the best type of bow for hunting? I won’t get into brands; this will probably open a 5-gallon pail of worms. Instead, I am [...]

Premium Hunting Blinds – At Factory Direct Pricing

If your deer stand is in need of an upgrade or you are ready for the industry leading premium hunting blind, keep reading. Ambush Outdoor Products is proud to offer the most current selection of premium hunting blinds, factory direct! That means no more searching around for a dealer, you can order directly from us [...]

Tips for Tracking Deer Before and After Snow

Bows, rifles, and buckshot—when it comes to deer hunting, there are plenty of options for the deer-obsessed outdoorsman. But regardless of your chosen weapon, tracking deer is essential for a successful hunt. Not only do you have to find them, but if you're blessed with a shot opportunity, you're required to track a blood trail. [...]

Preparing Your Fall Turkey for Your Thanksgiving Table

Fall turkey hunting season is in full swing. So, this Thanksgiving, why not impress your family and friends by serving wild turkey that you hunted and prepared yourself? If you're lucky enough to have bagged a tom or hen during the fall season, you may be wondering how to prepare it for your Thanksgiving feast. [...]

How to Attract Deer in November

November is the peak of the deer breeding season, also known as the rut. This is when mature bucks are most active and easiest to hunt. There are several effective ways to attract deer during this time period. We will focus on four methods: baiting, calling, rattling, and scents. Each of these methods has its [...]

Tracking Wounded Deer After the Shot

Tracking a wounded deer after the shot is a critically important skill that deer hunters need in their bag of tricks. One of the most sickening feelings in the world is making a shot on a deer and then being unable to find it afterward. Sometimes it’s a good shot, but you didn’t wait long enough and […]

The Benefits of Using Ambush Wheelchair-Accessible Hunting Blinds

We believe everyone should have the same access to hunting and the great outdoors. No one should be sitting home on epic hunting days! Therefore, we painstakingly designed our handicap and wheelchair-accessible hunting blinds to accommodate hunters of varying disabilities. Whatever your mobility challenges are, Ambush has a solution that is inclusive to all. Premium […]

7 Reasons to Choose Ambush for Your New Hunting Blind

At Ambush, we are super proud of the premium hard-sided blinds we build for hunters of every background. Here are seven reasons to choose Ambush for your new hunting blind and why we believe we make the best deer blinds! Your New Hunting Blind from Ambush Features Top-Notch Construction At Ambush, you have a choice […]

When and How to Set Up Your Ambush Hunting Blind

Wondering when and how to set up your Ambush hunting blind? You’ve come to the right place! As early fall seasons rapidly approach, we should all be in the thick of gathering intel about our areas. Cameras should already be running if you plan on getting some action before the rut in November. With potential […]

10 Deer Hunting Myths Debunked!

Ah, the dearly beloved hunting myth. There’s nothing like the spin of an old yarn to really help impressionable, new hunters getting into deer hunting along while learning the ways of the whitetail. Here are our top 10 favorite deer hunting myths that have surely caused many a hunter to miss opportunities to fill the […]

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Life on the Ice, Episode 8

Episode 8 wraps up the Lake of the Woods ice-fishing camping trip for Mike and Dan. Big burbots, monster pike, wild walleye and cooking up some fine skid house meals. It's all in a day's work 15 miles offshore on Lake of the Woods. Plus, two lines on one monster pike! Yes, it actually happened. [...]

Life on the Ice, Episode 7

In episode 7, Part 2 of the multi-night ice fishing trip to Lake of the Woods. Mike and Dan catch some monster pike and walleyes during the trip. However, it sounds like bad weather is on its way. 15 Miles offshore, Mike and Dan dig in and have to decide whether to wait out the [...]

Life on the Ice, Episode 6

In Episode 6, Mike and Dan head back out with the Slammer Weekender and wind up ice fishing 15 miles off shore on Lake of the Woods. This is another overnight ice fishing camping excursion. They take off from the Cyrus Lodge near Baudette MN. They dynamic duo go completely off the beaten path - [...]

Life on the Ice, Episode 5

Episode 5 continues our three night fishing on Upper Red Lake. Mike and Dan continue their multi-night ice fishing trip for walleye, perch and other species. Dan cooks up some catch of the day, and the boys reel in some serious lunkers. Again, thanks to Brady Baxter for hosting Life on the Ice!

Life on the Ice, Episode 4

In episode 4, Mike and Dan head to Upper Red Lake in Minnesota where they are ice fishing for walleye. They camp for 4 days and 3 nights in the new Ambush Slammer Comfort Suite. In this special 2-part episode, the guys reel in some nice fish in preparation for their catch-and-cook trip. Sometimes life [...]

Life on the Ice, Episode 3

Today we are heading out to Big Pine Lake with Brady Baxter and Randin Olson with Lock Jaw Guide Service. We will be ice fishing for walleye, talking about the weather conditions, and the importance of being able to move your skid house when the bite has shifted.

Life on the Ice, Episode 2

In episode 2, hosted by Brady Baxter, we join Cody Roswick with Fin-Hunters Guide Service as he slays the jumbo perch. We join Cody on one of his ice fishing trips near Valley City in North Dakota. Ice fishing from the comfort of an Ambush Slayer, Cody covers everything from poles, line and reels to [...]

Life on the Ice, Episode 1

Hosted by Brady Baxter from Baxstar Fishing, episode 1 covers ice fishing on early ice. Safety is extremely important when getting out on the ice early. You need to know exactly how thick the ice is and what it will support. If you are driving on the ice, make sure you know that the ice [...]

What to Consider When Shopping for Ice Fishing Lines

Ice fishing is a beloved winter pastime for many anglers. It offers a chilly, unique experience and a chance to catch fish that are more troublesome during warmer months. However, ice fishing requires specialized equipment, including the right type of fishing line. From line strength to the type and size of fish, there are a [...]

How to Ice Fish for Trout

Curious about ice fishing for trout? Ice fishing is a popular sport that has taken off in recent years. It involves catching fish through a hole cut into the ice on frozen lakes, ponds, or rivers. Ice fishing for trout is especially popular due to the versatility of these fish, which can thrive in both [...]


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