Packing for a Late Season Hunt

That time of hunting season is almost here! We know as the days are getting shorter and colder, late-season hunting is approaching. Should you pack any differently for a late-season hunt?  Depending on where you live.  The answer is probably, YES.

To begin, bring your normal hunting pack when going on a late-season hunt. You will need all of the basic items like your license, calls, survival gear, and first aid. These are the top ten things to have in your hunting bag. Also, make sure to bring your weapon with ammunition. If you are bow hunting grab arrows, broadhead, and your release when packing for a late-season hunt.


Warm Clothing

Later in the season, it gets colder, faster.  Make sure you have warm clothing when packing for a late-season hunt. Layers are extremely important when hunting in the cold. Start with a moisture-wicking base layer, because staying dry will keep you warm. Then, pack a warm coat and pants/bibs. Do not forget to pack a hat, baklava, gloves, socks, and boots. Also, if you are in need of extra warmth, consider a pair of heated gloves or a coat when heading out for a late-season hunt.

Heat Source

phantom heater close upNext, if you don’t have a hunting blind with a built-in heater, like an Ambush, consider packing a heat source. If you are hunting in a blind with a built-in heater, make sure to pack fuel for the heater. If you are hunting in a hard-sided blind you can bring a small portable heater, like a Mr. Heater Hunting Buddy. If you are hunting in a ground blind or tree stand, pack hand, feet, and body warmers. For more tips on keeping warm while hunting during late season, check out this blog!


Lastly, don’t forget the snacks! After all, nothing beats a mid-hunt Little Debbie.  It’s not a great hunt if you forget your Nutty Bar or Oatmeal Cream Pies.  Don’t worry about that Little Debbie smell leaking out, Ambush Hunting Blinds are scent blocking.  And the wrapper makes way less noise in an Ambush.   Of course, Little Debbie has a fine selection of hunting snacks but that is just the tip of the iceberg.  Make sure you check out our post on our favorite hunting snacks.
Bottom line?  You will need to modify the gear you pack for the late-season hunt.  It gives you a better level of preparation against the colder temperatures and the shorter days.

Once the season is over, read about what to do when the hunting season closes!

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