6 Things to Avoid in Your Deer Hunting Blind

We’ve all seen people do some pretty interesting things while hunting – and many are things to avoid when out in the field! These mental slip-ups can cost you the buck of your dreams — or even make you the laughing stock of your hunting pals.

These are the top things you should steer clear of when you’re in your deer hunting blind.

1. “Resting your eyes”

Otherwise known as sleeping. We get it. You got up super early, prepared for the hunt by getting yourself scent-free, packing all of your necessities, and heading down your freshly cut trail. But you’re feeling just a little sleepy. So you “rest your eyes.”

If you’re in a tree stand, this is pretty dangerous. But even if you’re not, you are missing out on any and all potential shots if you are asleep.

Even if you’re one of those guys that say they can “hunt anything in their sleep.”

Sorry, not going to happen.

2. Texting While Hunting

Texting while hunting, otherwise known as TWH, is a relatively new way to miss out on a great kill. You shouldn’t do it for the same reason states are cracking down on texting while driving — it’s a distraction.

Regardless if you’re in the blind or out in the field, it’s a bad mix. Save the phone for the office or the couch and enjoy the outdoors.

3. Forget to silence your phone or alarm

While we’re on the topic of phones, let’s talk about one of the more embarrassing things to avoid that can happen while hunting!

You’ve been waiting all morning and you finally get your sights on a deer. You’ve done all the prep needed to take the shot and it’s all lined up.

Your phone goes off and scares away the deer. Wow.

Most of us remember to silence our phones but our alarms work even when our phones are silenced (a convenient failsafe unless your hunting). You might have alarms set for work or school — be sure to shut them off before hitting the blind or you could be kicking yourself later.

4. Eating loud or smelly foods

We all love some good old potato chips — but they aren’t for the deer blind. There are some foods that are just too smelly and too loud for hunting.

Even if you’re making a sandwich or a soup — it’s important to know which foods give off pungent odors. Foods with lots of vinegar are big no-no.

5. Smoking

This may seem like a no-brainer but it has to be said. Don’t smoke in your deer blind. Just don’t do it.

It doesn’t matter how many times your uncle has bragged about how much he did it back in the day, it’s only going to worsen the chance of having a successful hunting trip.

6. Being uncomfortable

The final no-no is being uncomfortable. Obviously, we don’t want you sleeping so there’s no need for a La-Z-Boy. But there’s no quicker way to having a bad time than not having a comfortable seat in the blind

You want to be able to enjoy your day and all of the calmness of nature, regardless of how long you’re out there. It will be tough not to count the hours until you can leave if you’re uncomfortable.

Now that you know what to avoid while hunting, check out our tips for gearing up for a deer hunt! No matter what type of hunter you are, remembering these things to avoid is crucial to any hunt. Let your Ambush blind do its work and avoid missing out on that great buck – contact us today with any questions about things to avoid on your hunt!

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