How to Gut a Deer

You’ve had a successful hunt, congrats! But, after taking the perfect shot out of your Ambush Hunting Blind, you may be thinking, “now what?”. Well, it’s time to track your trophy and get ready to field dress it! You want to make sure you gut your deer right so you can keep as much meat […]

A Guide to Introducing your Child to Hunting

Hunting is a memorable activity, but it is even better when you do it as a family. Likely, you were taught how to hunt by a family member! When introducing a child to hunting, it’s hard to know where to begin. Check out our recommendations in this guide, and your family will be out hunting […]

A Guide to Turkey Hunting

Are you getting into the sport of turkey hunting or just looking to learn more? You’ve come to the right place! Below is our comprehensive guide to turkey hunting! About Turkeys The Ocellated turkey of Central America and the North American wild turkey, are the two turkey species that are native to North America. The […]

How to Make a Homemade Deer Salt Lick

Keeping deer around and helping them grow is a very important part of a successful hunt. A homemade deer salt lick is a quick and easy way to support your herd. If you are wanting to put multiple salt licks on your property, it is cheaper to make them yourself. When making a deer salt […]

3 Tips for Hunting in the Rain

While there’s the uncomfortable possibility of getting wet, hunting in the rain has its advantages. Usually, more bucks appear during these conditions, and the rain masks the animal’s sense of smell. The damp ground also makes your movements more silent, allowing you to take a closer approach to your target.  If it is your first […]

The Antler Scoring System Explained

If you have ever taken a buck with a monster set of antlers, you may have wondered how big its antlers are and how they score the rack. Officials use an antler scoring system to score and compare a bucks’ antlers. There are multiple respected antler scoring systems used in the field, including Pope and Young, Safari […]

Our Favorite Snacks to Take Hunting

How important is it to keep any potential game animals from catching onto your scent and discovering your position? And how important is it to stay energized while you are on the lookout for that perfect opportunity? The answer is “very” important to both questions! How do you satisfy your urge for adventure (and your […]

What to Pack When Hunting

As great as our line of hunting blinds are, that’s not the only thing you will ever need when out hunting. To help, we’ve compiled a comprehensive list of what to pack when hunting. 1. Camouflage To have a successful hunt, it’s essential to blend in. That means camouflage clothing such as: Jacket Shirt or […]

Advantages of a Hard Side Blind

Whether you are headed out to hunt deer or turkeys, there is no doubt that sitting in a hunting blind will help you improve your odds of having a successful hunt. There are two main types of hunting blinds, hard sided blinds, and soft, pop-up style blinds. While both can work just fine, there are […]

The Best Bowhunting Blind

Bowhunting big bucks is a passion shared by many hunters, but it is anything but easy. Taking a deer with a bow and arrow means you have to not only be able to get extremely close to them, but you must also fool all of their senses long enough to get a good shot off. […]