What is the Ideal Skid House Weight?

Though it seems like a small detail, until you need to move your ice fishing skid house, the weight of a skid house is very important. When considering buying a skid house, you need to pay attention to its weight. You also need to understand the tradeoffs for a heavier skid house vs. a lighter […]

What to Keep in an Ice Fishing Tackle Box

Ice fishing tackle is an important part of a successful ice fishing trip. Not all tackle can be used when ice fishing. So, when you load up your skid house for the season, make sure you grab your ice fishing tacklebox. Here are our recommendations on what every well-equipped ice fishing tackle box should have. […]

Safe Ice Thickness for Ice Fishing

If you are anything like us, when the water freezes, you want to spend as much time ice fishing as you can. Making the most of your season by getting out on the ice early and staying late is important, but so is being safe by knowing the proper ice thickness for fishing. The shelter […]

Ice Fishing Pros and Cons: Live Bait or Artificial Bait

Your skid house loaded up for your next ice fishing trip, but you can’t decide if you want to take live bait or artificial bait? It’s a question ice fishermen discuss often. Every fisherman has their own opinion on using live bait or artificial bait and what they think is the best ice fishing bait. […]

Where to go Ice Fishing on a Lake

You can’t have success ice fishing on a lake if you don’t catch any fish! Until you have mastered patterns of the fish, ice fishing on a lake may involve moving a lot! When you have a skid house, moving is simple. Depending on what species you are ice fishing for and what time of […]

Tips for Ice Fishing with Children

Ice fishing is a fun activity that allows you to create lasting memories with your kids.  With a few safety precautions and some extra preparation, you can make sure it’s a good family bonding experience. Keep these tips in mind when you’re ice fishing with children: Make sure the ice is thick. Making sure the […]

10 Best Ice Fishing Lakes in the US

When summer ends and winter rolls in, most anglers will put away their fishing equipment until the cold season is over. However, some will still want to continue their favorite activity, even when all the waters have frozen over. The US offers numerous ice fishing spots for novice and experienced anglers. Here are some of […]

Our Favorite Ice Fishing Snacks

To most people, ice fishing conjures an image of a poor, half-frozen, fishing enthusiast stuck on an old bucket in the middle of the lake. However, modern ice fishing has changed with the introduction of ice skid houses. Unlike when living in an ice tent during an ice fishing trip, an ice skid house allows […]

What To Pack For Ice Fishing – A Packing Guide

Ice fishing is a popular sport enjoyed by many during the cold season. For those who head out to the frozen lakes, however, it is important to pack well so your time out there is comfortable and enjoyable. There are items to pack to help you catch your fish, and there are other essentials you’ll […]

NEW Skid House Accessories

The New Skid House Accessories are Here! Up your ice fishing game with the new line of skid house accessories from Ambush. Everything from heaters and solar panels to convenience-oriented accessories like rod holders, cup holders, shelves, coat hooks, and more. We even have a new line of camouflaged vinyl decals and trim colors. Every [...]