What to Keep in an Ice Fishing Tackle Box

Ice fishing tackle is an important part of a successful ice fishing trip. Not all tackle can be used when ice fishing. So, when you load up your skid house for the season, make sure you grab your ice fishing tacklebox. Here are our recommendations on what every well-equipped ice fishing tackle box should have. […]

Safe Ice Thickness for Ice Fishing

If you are anything like us, when the water freezes, you want to spend as much time ice fishing as you can. Making the most of your season by getting out on the ice early and staying late is important, but so is being safe by knowing the proper ice thickness for fishing. The shelter […]

Where to go Ice Fishing on a Lake

You can’t have success ice fishing on a lake if you don’t catch any fish! Until you have mastered patterns of the fish, ice fishing on a lake may involve moving a lot! When you have a skid house, moving is simple. Depending on what species you are ice fishing for and what time of […]

10 Best Ice Fishing Lakes in the US

When summer ends and winter rolls in, most anglers will put away their fishing equipment until the cold season is over. However, some will still want to continue their favorite activity, even when all the waters have frozen over. The US offers numerous ice fishing spots for novice and experienced anglers. Here are some of […]

Why An Aluminum Skid Ice House is the Best on the Market

The best way to take your ice fishing to an entirely new level is by using an ice house. Ice houses are shelters that are placed on frozen lakes to provide a buffer between you and various weather conditions. Of the many ice houses on the market, an aluminum ice fishing skid house is one of […]

A Guide to Ice Houses

Believe it or not, fishing is not just a summer activity. For many people, this hobby continues year-round and even finds a home out on the ice. The best tool to make that experience enjoyable is an ice house. If you do not know what an ice house is, keep reading, because we are giving […]

What is a Skid Fish House?

In the ice fishing world, there is a wide range of equipment that makes the experience enjoyable. The best way to stay safe, warm, and have fun, is by using an ice fishing shack or tent. On that note, there is a range of options on the market. On the higher end of that spectrum, […]

Make The Most Of Your Winter Fishing Season Using An Ice Fishing House

Ice fishing is one of the most popular winter sports and the love of many anglers. However, this simple yet laborious outdoor winter activity is incomplete without a durable ice fishing house. Any avid fisherman that enjoys ice fishing understands the importance of a portable ice fishing house. Some of the best qualities of an […]

Fishing on the Ice with an Ice House

Many fishers find themselves stuck inside their homes waiting for the weather to clear come wintertime. But who said you had to wait for an entire season to pass to enjoy your favorite sport – fishing? You might be shocked to hear that there is something known as ice fishing. Yes, believe us it is […]

Why You Need an Insulated Fishing Shelter

As fun as ice fishing is, it can sometimes be tough when it comes to the cold and the weather. Why we will all gladly sit through the worst conditions imaginable in order to catch that next big fish, a quality insulated fishing shelter can be a game-changer. And what’s better than a regular ice […]