What is the Ideal Skid House Weight?

Though it seems like a small detail, until you need to move your ice fishing skid house, the weight of a skid house is very important. When considering buying a skid house, you need to pay attention to its weight. You also need to understand the tradeoffs for a heavier skid house vs. a lighter […]

NEW Skid House Accessories

The New Skid House Accessories are Here! Up your ice fishing game with the new line of skid house accessories from Ambush. Everything from heaters and solar panels to convenience-oriented accessories like rod holders, cup holders, shelves, coat hooks, and more. We even have a new line of camouflaged vinyl decals and trim colors. Every [...]

New Ambush Fishing Ice House Colors to Hit the Market

If you are in the market for a fishing ice house, there is no better option out there than Ambush. Ambush is the original woodless skid ice house, so it puts you in the best possible position for success out on the ice. An Ice House for Whatever Size you Need! Ambush’s two series are […]

Revive your Passion for Fishing with Ambush’s Skid Ice House

Are you still looking for a high-quality skid ice house to use on your ice fishing trips? Good news – the Ambush skid ice houses are the most robust and convenient ice fishing houses in the sector, thanks to the team of Ambush Outdoor Products. Ice fishing Skid Houses Ambush builds ice fishing skid houses […]

The Best Ambush Ice Fishing Shacks

Believe it or not, fishing is an activity that can be done all year round. It just requires a bit different gear to get the job done. The big thing that separates ice fishing from the other subsections of the sport is the gear you bring along the way. One piece of equipment that is […]

Best Ice Fishing Shacks in 2021

Despite what you may think, fishing can be done year-round despite the plummeting temperatures and freezing waterways, however, it does require a different skill set, set of equipment, and attitude to get it done. Today, we will be breaking down the best ice fishing shacks in 2021. Each one has great perks to get you […]

Portable Ice House

Choosing Your Portable Ice House When it comes to purchasing a portable ice house, you are doing it to simplify your life out on the ice. So, how do you know that you are choosing the right model? Depending on the size, and what kind of material it’s made out of, the price can become [...]

Ice Fishing Houses

Ice Fishing Houses If you are looking to take up ice fishing, Ambush ice fishing houses are the answer to everything you need! Sure, taking in the great outdoors while posting up on a sheet of ice with your buddies sounds perfect, but we can take it to the next level. Investing in ice fishing […]

Ice House Skid

Ambush Hunting Ambush puts any other standard ice skid house to the test! With numerous years of experience on-the-ice, we put just about every fundamental to the test, find out what didn’t work, and threw those aspects aside. Making adjustments and improvements, our professionals went back to the ice. What was a difficult process full […]