Meet the Slammer – A Full Introduction to the Slammer

Looking for a new ice fishing skid house? You need to check out the Slammer from Ambush Outdoor Products. This is our newest and most innovative design yet. It's perfect for anyone who wants an ultra-comfortable ice fishing house, big enough for the whole family. The Slammer comes in three different floor plans (the Outfitter, [...]

Making Moments that Matter

Fishing with friends and family is always rewarding. Even if you don't catch anything. It's about getting outside. It's about creating memories. And it's about making moments that matter. Explore the outdoors with Ambush.

Ambush Skid House Assembly

How are Ambush Skid Houses made? We’ve got your answer! At Ambush, we have improved the skid house assembly process to provide you with quality products in the shortest amount of time possible. Step 1: Design To begin, the first step of skid house assembly is designing the skid house. Because the skid houses are conceived, designed, [...]

All About Spearhouse Fishing

If you live where it get’s cold enough for lakes to freeze, you have probably heard people talking about darkhouse or spearhouse fishing. You may think to yourself, “What’s that?”. Well, we are here to help! Let’s bring you up-to-speed on spearhouse fishing. What is a spearhouse? To begin, a spearhouse is a shelter like […]

The Advantages of a Darkhouse Spearing Skid House

Spearfishing in a darkhouse is an activity many enjoy in the cold winter months. Having the proper equipment is a huge part of having success in spearfishing. Some spearfisherman choose to use pop-up or permanent shelters but they have their flaws. The Ambush Stryker Darkhouse Ice Fishing Spear House is the best option if you want […]

Ice Fishing with a Heater

We get it. No one enjoys being cold while ice fishing! Ice fishing heater is the best way to fix this problem, but there is a right and wrong way to do it. An ice fishing heater must be properly vented in an enclosed space, like an ice fishing shelter. Check out our recommendations on […]

What is the Ideal Skid House Weight?

Though it seems like a small detail, until you need to move your ice fishing skid house, the weight of a skid house is very important. When considering buying a skid house, you need to pay attention to its weight. You also need to understand the tradeoffs for a heavier skid house vs. a lighter […]

NEW Skid House Accessories

The New Skid House Accessories are Here! Up your ice fishing game with the new line of skid house accessories from Ambush. Everything from heaters and solar panels to convenience-oriented accessories like rod holders, cup holders, shelves, coat hooks, and more. We even have a new line of camouflaged vinyl decals and trim colors. Every [...]

New Ambush Fishing Ice House Colors to Hit the Market

If you are in the market for a fishing ice house, there is no better option out there than Ambush. Ambush is the original woodless skid ice house, so it puts you in the best possible position for success out on the ice. An Ice House for Whatever Size you Need! Ambush’s two series are […]

Revive your Passion for Fishing with Ambush’s Skid Ice House

Are you still looking for a high-quality skid ice house to use on your ice fishing trips? Good news – the Ambush skid ice houses are the most robust and convenient ice fishing houses in the sector, thanks to the team of Ambush Outdoor Products. Ice fishing Skid Houses Ambush builds ice fishing skid houses […]

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