Deer Blinds

When it comes to success in hunting, concealing yourself is key! The dark interior of deer blinds plays a large part in moving without a deer spotting you. What’s even better? Blinds help contribute to blocking you from the elements and containing your human scent! A great alternative to tree stands, blinds can hide you in all of the places that a tree stand can’t.

At Ambush, we believe that we provide the highest quality in deer blinds for your success. Your satisfaction is our mission!

Location of Deer Blinds

When setting up deer blinds, the location can depend on many factors! If you are hunting deer, you will generally find them traveling along the edges of terrain. So, if you scout the area out early, you will find the best opportunities for cover! When sitting in a tree stand, you can leave yourself extremely exposed. Although larger, knotty trees can hide you well, tree stands can’t hide you completely. When in a blind, you allow yourself more movement. Having ease of entry, you’ll find that you’re able to move in and out without revealing yourself to any deer. Whether you’re zoning into your binoculars for a glance or need a quick snack, you want to stay hidden. Your chances of staying hidden are much better in blinds!


No one wants a deer to notice them by their scent, after all, that’s something we can’t control! Or is it? Ambush deer blinds offer top of the line scent containment, keeping you hidden for hours on end. In comparison to exposing yourself outside in a tree stand, try placing yourself in a small enclosure. It will trap most of your scent! On top of this, many hunters will use scent elimination products or ozone technology in addition to their blinds. It’s better to be safe than sorry, right?


No one wants to be stuck in the freezing snow or the pouring rain, especially hunters! When you are sitting in a tree stand, you have no choice when it comes to the elements. Regardless of how water repellent or warm your hunting gear is, you are still going to end up soaking wet! With deer blinds, you never have to worry about this again. Keeping your gear dry is important, and sheltering yourself from every angle has never felt better!

Choosing Ambush deer blinds is the most effective way to keep yourself hidden – we guarantee it!

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