How To: Prevent Blind Windows From Fogging Up

There are many benefits to hunting in an enclosed blind, but what do you do to prevent blind windows from fogging up? One of the challenges in an enclosed blind is keeping the windows clear from moisture or frost when the temperatures get below freezing. Anytime you have a cold object and apply heat from either a person or a heater it is going to frost or fog the windows. With the blackened interior and tinted windows, it is very difficult for the game to detect movement in the blind. You can safely elevate the blind and can be comfortable with more than one hunter. Also, the blind will contain much of your scent which is an advantage, especially in swirling winds.  They are more comfortable in windy and cold conditions than a tree stand or posting. This all means nothing if you can’t see outside of the blind!

Following are some tips that may help keep your blind windows from fogging up:

  • Keep a squeegee and some microfiber cloths in the blind to help keep the windows clear.
  • When you get in the blind and turn on your heater, the windows will naturally fog up.  Letting it turn to moisture and then wiping them off a few times will set the pace for clearing windows. Once the temperature of the blind and the windows goes up it will be a lot easier to maintain the windows.
  • Ventless propane systems are more prone to moisture than a direct vent system.  While more expensive, a direct vent system will help keep the windows clear.
  • Strategically opening a window from time to time is also helpful.  Even just a crack can help bring in the dry air to keep the windows from fogging.  Even if you are not running a heating system the heat from your body will fog up cold windows.  In this case, the first thing you might want to do when getting in the blind is crack a window. This keeps your body from fogging up the windows.  Once the temperature and humidity from your body normalizes, the windows will be easier to manage.
  • Get to your blind earlier enough to allow the temperature and humidity to normalize.

We hope these tips help – contact us for more tips on your Ambush hunting blind!

Foggy Window 2 in Ambush Blind
Foggy Window in Ambush Blind
Fogged Up Window Ambush Hunting Blind
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