Tower Blind

When it comes to hunting, any hunter can tell you that a tower blind is great for staying hidden! To have a bountiful hunt, remaining concealed is key no matter which species you are hunting. Using a tower blind significantly increases your chances of being hidden, and remaining unseen. This makes it one of the most crucial aspects when hunting.

At Ambush, we strive to create a high-quality tower blind to keep you hidden at the most crucial times. Delivering success is what we do!

As far as the deer know, a permanent tower blind begins to become a part of the surrounding landscape. Eventually, the existence of the blind will be a part of the area, giving you new access to deer. With a broad range of shapes and sizes, the options for cover are excellent. Ambush offers every hunter an option that is effortless to set up and will be around for a lifetime. Giving you a greater degree of protection and comfort from the elements is what we do best!

Shooting from a position with elevation is a preference that many hunters hold when hunting deer. Although a tower blind offers many advantages to a rifle hunter, there are many more specific benefits for bowhunters. Supplying a bowhunter with a higher angle allows the arrow to exit at a lower area on the deer. This creates a more productive blood trail, making it easier to locate the deer if it scurries away! Being higher up than ground level, it is less likely that you will intrude on another hunter’s excursion. Have you ever wondered how much you can see when in the sky? Offering a better viewpoint, this blind gives you the capability to view wildlife and optimizes the entire experience more easily.

When up above, your scent is not quite as detectable as it is at ground level. From up in elevation, it is less likely that deer will hear you and disappear! Have you ever wished that you had more room in a tree stand? With a roomier size, a tower blind is the perfect solution! If you are going to be up in the air for an extended period of time, you should be comfortable. Elevated blinds are the perfect solution for a hunter that is looking for an easy to set up, durable blind.

Ambush creates a top of the line tower blind for hunters both young and old. So, allow us to make your hunt a successful one today!

Hunting blind elevated
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