5 Ways to Add Wild Game in Holiday Dishes

As the holidays are coming, we tend to gather around the table more often.  With family and friends coming over, it’s a perfect time to introduce some of your wild game. There is no better time to break out your game from the freezer and share it with the ones you love. Show them why you spend so much time in your Ambush Hunting Blind with delicious holiday dishes. No matter if it is turkey, quail, or venison, there is always a way to work wild game into holiday dishes. Here are a few ideas to add wild game to holiday dishes this year. Check out these wild game recipe ideas!

Fried Quail

Fried Quail

Start Simple

To begin, we recommend starting simple. A wild turkey is a great way to introduce eating wild game to your family. It is very likely turkey is a normal food choice for them, so eating it will come naturally. Also, you can make smaller dishes of wild game. This gives your guests the opportunity to try the game they want without feeling pressured.

rice with turkey meat cooked in instant pot

Rice with turkey meat cooked in an instant pot

Have Options

Next, make sure you have options at your holiday meal. Not everyone will like the same thing. Make a few different dishes with wild game. If your guests choose to, they can try multiple and will likely find one they enjoy.

Marinate or Brine

Another way to add wild game to holiday dishes is, marinating or brining them. Using one of these two methods, you will minimize the wild game flavor in dishes.

Grilled Venison Steak with Baked Vegetables and beats

Grilled Venison Steak with Baked Vegetables and beats

Mix Meats

Also, you can mix store-bought and wild game meat together. This technique reduces the wild game flavor or what people refer to as “gaminess”. When guests know the dish contains meats they are comfortable with, they are more likely to try. Pro tip – try adding bacon! Everyone loves bacon!

bacon wrapped venison

Bacon-Wrapped venison

Slow Cook

Lastly, just like marinating and brining, slow cooking will make for juicier and more tender meat. It will create a savory holiday dish that your guests are sure to enjoy.

We hope you use these tips to enjoy wild game in holiday dishes with your family. Check out other ways you can process game! Happy Holidays from Ambush Outdoor Products!

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