Ice House Skid

Ambush Hunting Ambush puts any other standard ice skid house to the test! With numerous years of experience on-the-ice, we put just about every fundamental to the test, find out what didn’t work, and threw those aspects aside. Making adjustments and improvements, our professionals went back to the ice. What was a difficult process full […]

Buying VS. Building a Tower Blind

Many of us hunters are do-it-yourselfers – but you should always consider the options of buying vs. building a tower blind! We take pride in handcrafting our own solutions to problems with whatever we have available. Many of us have probably even tried building our own hunting blind in the past — or even took […]

6 Things to Avoid in Your Deer Hunting Blind

We’ve all seen people do some pretty interesting things while hunting – and many are things to avoid when out in the field! These mental slip-ups can cost you the buck of your dreams — or even make you the laughing stock of your hunting pals. These are the top things you should steer clear […]

Gearing Up for a Deer Hunt the Right Way

When you’re gearing up for a deer hunt, you may need a few tips regarding which equipment to pick up and which equipment to leave at home. We’ll clue you in about everything you need for a good hunt so that you’ll be ready to go on the first legal hunting day. What are the […]