Stalker Blind with Elevation Kit

Ambush Blinds

Elevation Kit

MSRP: 5' - $1,275 | 10' - $1,595
Bring your blind 5' or 10' off the ground with our ALL NEW Elevation Kit. It is the perfect addition to any blind with the large deck and hand railings, it adds comfort and safety.

Never Worry About SIGHT, SOUND, or SCENT

Game animals use all their senses to detect the most cautious hunter, and Ambush Hunting Blinds’ exceptional design hides a hunter’s movements, sounds and scent from the most cautious game.

Hunter’s movements are concealed by a commercial grade black fabric that completely covers the interior of the blind, eliminating light that can reflect or reveal what’s inside. A unique, five-layer Durabond Panel System™ provides a sound barrier that is unequaled in the hunting blind industry. The five layers consist of a seamless fiberglass reinforced plastic exterior, Luan 1.5 lb. density EPS (Expanded Polystyrene) foam layer, a second layer of Luan and a black, commercial grade, noise-dampening fabric.

The wall joints are made of extruded aluminum and are sealed from behind to further eliminate sound. Finally, a rubberized floor makes Ambush Hunting Blinds the most durable and quietest blinds on the market.

Ambush Hunting Blinds also have a superior design for the windows, using silent window hinges and real glass. The value of silent hinges and real glass becomes very apparent as a hunting blind ages. Silent hinges remain quiet because they do not rust and glass does not fog, which is common with aged plexiglass.


Our mission is to provide the ultimate hunting experience
by building the Highest Quality Products available.





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