Hunting Blind Care: Outside of Hunting Season

As the hunting season has come to a close, you are getting ready to leave your hunting blind until next fall. Just like any other hunting equipment, you need to care for your hunting blind. To take care of your hunting blind and prep it for off-season storage, there are a few things you should do each year.

Storage Location

You may choose to put your hunting blind into storage after the season, but with an Ambush, you can leave it out all year long. That way, you are ready to go next fall and do not have to spend time moving the blind. Also, trees and bushes will naturally grow around the blind, helping it blend in. Ambush Hunting Blinds are designed to withstand the elements and sun exposure year after year. If you are leaving your blind on location, make sure it is properly secured and the door is locked. You do not want a bad storm to cause damage. Also, be sure to empty it out. Remove any seating, accessories, or batteries from the blind.


No matter if you are leaving your hunting blind in the woods or storing it, you should give it a deep clean. Start by cleaning the interior. By removing crumbs, hunting snack particles, and other debris, you ensure that animals don’t find your blind attractive and try to get in. You can choose to sweep or vacuum out the dirt and dust brought in over the hunting season. Then, wipe down the interior with an unscented soap, warm water, and a rag. Make sure you scrub to remove dried mud and grime. Now, move on to the exterior of the hunting blind. Begin by removing any leaves and branches from the roof and window ledges. Using the same unscented soap, scrub the outside with warm water and a rag. Also, a brush may be helpful for tougher stains, like dry bird droppings.

You should also clean the windows with a scent-free cleaner designed for glass.  For better vision, your hunting blind windows should be cleaned regularly. Since real glass is used in every hunting blind made by Ambush, you don’t need to worry about scratching them like plexiglass.

Final Inspection

Before you lock the door for the year, there are several areas that you should inspect or spot-check every year.  Inspect the caulk around the windows, door, and roof to ensure there are no voids where water can penetrate.  If there are voids, repair as needed with fresh caulk.

Your hunting blind is now ready for summer storage and prepped for when you need it next season.

For more information on some of the best hunting blinds on the market or if you are ready to purchase a hunting blind, find a dealer near you. For more blind tips, check out our pro tips for hunting blinds. 

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