Why You Should Use Elevated Hunting Blinds

          When preparing your favorite deer spot for the upcoming season, one item you should not overlook is the benefit provided by elevated hunting blinds.  They can make a huge difference in the comfort and success of your hunt.

What Are They?

Elevated hunting blinds are simply hunting enclosures that are raised off the ground.  They can be raised just a few feet up or 10 feet or more. Assembly is also fairly easy! Once set into place, these blinds offer unmatched value to your hunting setup; there are numerous advantages that they offer.


One of the biggest benefits to having an elevated hunting blind is the comfort they provide.  These blinds will protect you from the elements, shielding you from the rain and keeping you warm during the cold winter hunts.  In addition, if you are like so many other hunters, and want to bring your kids along with you on your hunts, these blinds make it extremely comfortable for them as well.


One of the biggest factors in deer hunting is scent control and a primary benefit of elevated hunting blinds.  First of all, manufacturers design these blinds to contain your scent within the blind.  That is a huge advantage.  However, with the blind being raised up, any scent that might escape will travel above the deer, helping keep you and your hunting buddy concealed.  Using elevated hunting blinds put you in the best position to keep your scent away from the wary deer.

The Best Choice

No matter if you are putting in long hours chasing after that huge wall-hanger or enjoying peaceful Saturday morning hunts with your son or daughter, elevated hunting blinds will help put you in the best position to have yourself a truly successful hunt.  They are truly one of the best investments you can make for your hunts. Check out these tips for more success with your deer hunting blinds!

The New Hunting Blinds are Here

The updated Stalker and Phantom now come with the new integrated chassis system ready to accept an elevation kit.  Watch the video below to find out more.

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