Scent Control Tips for Hunting

Any hunter’s main goal is to get as close as possible to the animal they are hunting. One of the things that will kill your chances of bagging that big buck is your scent being detected by the animal. Did you know that whitetail deer have a better sense of smell than a dog? It can be anywhere from 500 to 1,000 times more accurate than a human. In order to have a successful day in the hunting blind, you need to control your scent. Check out our 5 scent control tips for hunting.

Tip #1: Prepare your Hunting Clothes

Our first scent control tip is to prepare your hunting clothes properly. When washing your hunting clothes, do not use normal detergents or dryer sheets. At most hunting store and fleet stores, you can purchase scent-free products to use when washing your clothes. We recommend hanging your clothes outside to dry. Also, don’t forget, this includes your base layers.

Tip #2: Choose Proper Personal Hygiene Products

Next, think about what personal hygiene products you use every day. Some of these you are best not to use before hunting, but others are needed, as deer can smell body odor. There are scent-free products available like shampoo, conditioner, body wash, and deodorant.

Tip #3: Prepare your Hunting Blind

Our third scent control tip is to set up your blind a few weeks prior to hunting. This extra time will allow your blind to naturally get rid of odors from materials. Also, it will absorb odors from the natural environment. Another great product for Ambush Hunting Blinds, or any hunting blind with power, is a portable ozone air cleaner. In addition to odor absorption, it is good practice to set your hunting blind up early to give the deer time to acclimate to it.

Tip #4: Proper Transportation

Next, make sure you properly transport your hunting gear. Scents can be reabsorbed into clothing and other items. If you remove the scent from your clothes, transport them in a sealed bag or ozone eliminating bag. You do not want to undo all of your preparation on the drive to the blind. And if you are a smoker, make sure you don’t smoke in the car or on the way to the blind. It’s a dead giveaway.

Tip #5: Use Cover or Reduction Scents

Finally, we recommend using cover or reduction scents when hunting. Use a scent-eliminating spray on your gear, gloves, or boots before you head out to the bind. This spray can also be used inside of your hunting blind. If scent-free is not achievable, you can use cover scents like deer urine. The more familiar the cover scent is to the animal, the better.

Tip #6: Don’t Eat Smelly Snacks

Pick hunting snacks that aren’t particularly pungent.  Stick with natural snacks like berries, nuts and some jerky.  We all know how good Little Debbies are, but consider leaving them at home.

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