Buying VS. Building a Tower Blind

Many of us hunters are do-it-yourselfers – but you should always consider the options of buying vs. building a tower blind! We take pride in handcrafting our own solutions to problems with whatever we have available. Many of us have probably even tried building our own hunting blind in the past — or even took a stab at a tower blind.

You’ve more than likely seen a ton of these shanty old boxes sprinkled along your drive through the Midwest. They are everywhere. A testament to the hunters of yesteryear. Well, there’s a reason why there are so many of these laying around, dormant and unusable.

It’s because homemade tower blinds have a shelf life — especially those that aren’t made out of very durable materials. The hunter also must maintain it year round.

But let’s go over the pros and cons of buying vs. building a tower blind and we’ll let you decide which option you think best suits your needs.

Building your own

The obvious reason why this is an option is because it’s far cheaper. You can get the materials you need from a hardware store and get to work creating your masterpiece. The issue you’ll often see with these is that on the outside it seems cost effective but to make your blind effective it’s still going to be costly.

Sound proofing, scent proofing and insulation for warmth all take a strategic approach and will end up being a headache without proper planning.

One of the bigger issues is that these homemade blinds aren’t mobile. Having a stagnant blind is OK, but it limits your hunt.

DIY blinds are also unsafe to use after a few seasons unless a hunter maintains it diligently. This can be especially tough in the Midwest when it gets cold and the last thing you want to do is work on blind maintenance.

Buying your blind

Buying your blind will definitely cost you more up front than building it yourself — but it’s an investment. With little to no maintenance required, quality blinds will likely be just as costly over time as one you would build on your own.

Buying a blind also lends itself to the many built-in features that come with top of the line blinds. Our blinds at Ambush come with a list of beneficial features that will make your hunting experience better and more successful.

  • Durabond Panel System™ provides a strong, quiet, warm, scent contained blind
  • Different shapes allow for 360 degree view
  • Varying window sizes allow for bow, crossbow, shotgun or rifle

The construction of high-quality blinds such as our Stalker Series are made to last and are easy to maintain. The investment you’re making in a high quality blind will be instantly felt by the warmth, comfort and scent control of the blind that you will be sitting in for hours on end.

The truth is, you can certainly build your own blind. But hunting blinds such as the ones here at Ambush are built by hunters, for hunters. It’s the best of both worlds — and the best option for any hunter looking for the most out of their hunting trips. If you decide to buy a blind check out these things to consider!

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