The Best Hunting Blind for Handicap Hunting

Everyone deserves to have access and the resources to do what they love, including hunting. Whether you, a family member or a friend has been in an accident or was born with a disability, they still deserve to spend time in the woods. Sometimes equipment built for able-bodied hunters does not work for those with disabilities. Check out the following adaptive hunting blinds for handicap hunting.

Adaptive Hunting Blind for Handicap Hunting

The first piece of adaptive equipment for handicap hunting is adaptive hunting blinds. Adaptive hunting blinds feature a wide door, flat door threshold, and large interior for disabled hunters. This handicap blind is made with the Stalker floorplan and a larger door. The Stalker is a 6’x6′ octagon hunting blind designed for use while archery or firearm hunting. It features a unique window configuration that provides multiple shot opportunities with either rifle, shotgun, crossbow, or bow. These blinds provide accessibility, comfort, and concealment for hunters in wheelchairs. These hard-sided blinds are insulated to keep you warm and sound dampened. Just because you have a wheelchair or walker does not mean you should miss out on the hunt.

The Ambush Handicap Accessible Blinds features a 41″ wide door with a 38 3/4″ opening for a wheelchair. This blind can accommodate Action Trackchair Model #’s ST16, ST18, ST20, and ST22. The blinds are plenty strong to hold an Action Trackchair along with multiple hunters. The blinds can be placed onto the ground or elevated with a ramp. They feature four leg brackets that accept a 4”x4” for added elevation. Either way, the flat door threshold gives you the ability to roll right into the blind.

If you have an interest in an Ambush Hunting Blind for Handicap Hunting, find a dealer for more information! Use our dealer locator to find the closest dealer near you.

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