A Guide to Introducing your Child to Hunting

Hunting is a memorable activity, but it is even better when you do it as a family. Likely, you were taught how to hunt by a family member! When introducing a child to hunting, it’s hard to know where to begin. Check out our recommendations in this guide, and your family will be out hunting in your Stalker or Phantom blind in no time, enjoying it for many seasons.

Spend Time Outdoors

First, as you know, hunting involves being outdoors. When introducing your child to hunting, create positive outdoor experiences with them. The more they like being outdoors, the more comfortable they will be spending time outdoors to hunt. Also, if you start acclimating them to the outdoors early, you will find it easier when introducing your child to hunting.

Child and Dad in hunting blindCreate Interest

When introducing hunting to your child, they must show interest. If you force the sport onto them, it is more likely they will not enjoy it. You can pique your child’s interest by purchasing them their first weapon. First, start with a less dangerous weapon like a pellet gun or slingshot. Once they are ready to upgrade, you can purchase them their first gun or bow. Check out these youth rifles and bow options.


Next, education is the most crucial part of introducing your child to hunting. The proper education will keep them and yourself safe. Also, teach them all the rules and regulations of hunting to ensure you create a legal and ethical hunter.

Field Experience

The final step is letting them get experience in the field. Take them out to the blind, pack their favorite snacks, and let them learn what it is all about. Also, practice shooting with them often. You want them to be comfortable with their weapon and to enjoy using it.

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