Tree Blinds vs Ground Blinds

When it comes to hunting blinds, there are many different options to choose from, and varying opinions on each option.  In this particular piece, we will be looking at tree blinds vs ground blinds.  While both are excellent options, we will compare the pros and cons of each blind.

Setup Difficulty

First off, how difficult is it to put up the blind, as well as accessing it for hunting?  A tree blind is much more difficult to install and will likely require at least two people.  It will also be more challenging to climb up while carrying your gear. As its name suggests, ground blinds are on the ground in high-traffic deer areas, making them easily accessible.


While the ground blind is easier to install, the tree blind gives more concealment, although both do a good job at hiding you. Tree blinds elevate you to take you out of sight of prey while keeping your scent above them.  While the ground blind will keep you less visible, your scent will still be down at ground level.  However, this isn’t much of an issue with Ambush Blinds. They do an excellent job at keeping your scent contained and unnoticed.

Point of View

Another big difference in blind type is the point of view and how far out you can see. The tree blind, being higher off the ground, will give you a larger area to look over for deer. Tree blinds are great for open areas or woods that are not too thick. Ground blinds reduce the amount of land you can see and needs to be placed directly in an area of high deer traffic. These also work well in areas where the woods are so thick that being raised would not help you to see any further into the trees.

Choosing a Hunting Blind

When choosing a blind type, you need to take all of these considerations into account to make the best choice for your location and hunting style.  Having the right hunting blind can really improve your hunting setup and make it more enjoyable.

You can count on Ambush to make your hunting moments more productive and memorable.  Two different hunting blinds: the Stalker and the Phantom, as well as an elevation kit to raise your Ambush blind, will change the way you hide and hunt.  Contact your local Ambush dealer and see the difference an Ambush blind can make.

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