Hunting Blind Accessories

Ambush provides high-end hunting blinds, but do you have the right accessories? Allow us to ensure that you have everything you need to have a successful hunt!


Elevation Kit

An elevation kit is a great tool to add to your hunting accessories! In an elevated blind, you have the opportunity to be up higher. When you are serious about hunting, it can never hurt to have a 360 degree view! With an all new Ambush elevation kit, you can raise your blind 5’ or 10’ above the ground. With hand railings and a spacious deck, you have never found this safety and comfort in other hunting accessories. Providing the hunter with an angle that allows arrows to pass through at a lower position on the animal. Therefore, a finer blood trail will allow you to find the deer if it runs off. Offering a higher-quality vantage point for optimizing your hunting experience and spotting game, this elevation kit is a part of Ambush accessories that you don’t want to miss!

Solar Kit

Solar Kit

Have you ever wondered if a solar kit would be an excellent addition to your hunting blind accessories? The answer is yes! An Ambush solar kit is an ideal addition to your hunting experience. This effortless to install solar kit is not only compatible with our Phantom Series, but also our Stalker Series hunting blinds! Without having to worry about bringing along a battery or other light accessories, this solar panel pays for itself. Capable of charging all of your electronics, all you have to do is attach the battery clips to the solar kit panel to receive the energy that you need. A USB port and 12V Socket makes it easier than ever to charge multiple devices. In addition, this kit includes self-tapping screws, loom, and 14 gauge wire. In other words, you have everything you need in accessories with an Ambush solar kit!


Light Kit

Effortless to install, our light kit is compatible with both the Stalker and Phantom Series hunting blinds! With these accessories, you are getting the same high-quality that we have all come to expect from Ambush. This 12” light with a switch also includes a 12V charging port AND two USB ports. Easily enough, all that must be done is attaching the battery clips onto a 12V battery and you are ready to energize this light kit. This kit also includes 14 gauge wire and loom, as well as self-tapping screws. Utilizing light accessories for hunting has never been easier!



Bow Hanger

Bow hanger setups are accessories that anyone should have! An Ambush bow hanger is just what you need for your blind. Securely attaching to the inside of your hunting blind, our bow hanger keeps your bow out of the way while you keep watch. Having your bow at an easy reach has never been this simple!




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